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News Page 2018

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19-03-2018 Update
The ultra sound on Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro shows us no puppies. We are disappointed but we have the opportunity to try this combination again in August/September 2018
We now wait for the ultra sound of Dama Bianca. Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro has been mated. Soon we will let us through an ultrasound determine whether she is actually pregnant. It is expected that the pups of DuffyXEduardo would come the third week of April. We are very hopeful on pups because the cover went really well. On the Internet page we have put some information about our combination, click here>>> . We look forward already huge on the birth of the puppies. Super exciting. Begin March we were in Italy with Sebastiana and Edda. Sebastiana scored an excellent and very well on the fieldwork contest and on the Bracco Italiano Special in Lodi both dogs got an excellent of the judge. Sebastiana got as a bonus a RES. CAC in the working class. We again are proud. A photo report is on the Internet page, click here>>>
For the lovers, we have put four joint training sessions (in the Netherlands) on the agenda. If you are holding a Ala D'Oro you can sign up to join us to train. Nothing should be, anything goes. Click here for more info>>>

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03-01-2018 We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!
The past year was especially in sign of celebrating holidays. We traveled to Iceland, USA, Scotland, Germany and Italy a few times. We have build up some fine memories, but as always there were very sad moments too. So begins 2018 without the dogs Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro, Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro and Mariotto di Ala D'Oro. They will be forever in our harts.
2018 is in state sign of family expansion. In any case, we have plenty of plans for this year. We would like to have puppies from both Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro as from Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro. Beautiful male dogs we have picked to coverages our females. If our estimates are correct we will have, beginning summer puppies walking around. We are ready for it, now we wait for them to become in season.
The 14th of Januari 2018 Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro (on photo- six weeks) will represent our Kennel at the dogshow "Top Dog of the Year". This is the third year she has been invited due to her show results. Well hope the judge love a dog who know how to hunt and to show. For us she already is the Winner. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!






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