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21-10-2014Slowly we are getting used to a life without our Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro. That Darling was the last years super present in the group. It is now remarkably silent when I am at work in my bracco friendly garden. We have had some really sweet comments on the death of Laura, thank you very much. In the past few weeks we have been to a number of shows with our dogs. The results were great - as usual. Our Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro was in Maastricht two time BOB and ran the last day like a charm with Jaap in the ring of honour, the judge awarded them with a beautiful group 7 victory, and later on 3e BIS. In Germany, Dortmund "Pferd und Hund", our kennel was represented by four beautiful Ala D'Oro males. Mio Amore, Mio Orsetto, Carmelo Buddino "Lando" and Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro " Mose ". "Mose" received his last point for the international Championship (with field work qualification). A great result, the official request lies with the FCI. The owner of Carmelo Buddino di Ala D'Oro
"Lando" was present both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a special judgment for him, he now is officially stud VDH with all excellent points. Congratulations to the owner of Carmelo!
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26-09-2014Today our Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro died. Sad but especially grateful that we have the honour to enjoy Laura's friendship and love for so long. Anyone who was allowed to meet Laura fell like a block for her amazing character. When Laura was born in our house we knew it from the first minute after her birth, she would stay in Zuidermeer. She thanked her name Laura Biagiotti "why walk when you can fly" to her graceful gait. Laura was Jaap's super hunting buddy, above all she was a beautiful natural trotter. And a dog that not only obtain multi championships in the Netherlands and many foreign countries, she also obtained excellent field trail qualifications multiple countries. Laura gave us also beautiful pups with her partner Moschino di Ala D'Oro. So we will treasure all great memories, we will miss her.... We will remember this great girlfriend with much of love. Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

17-09-2014We have to start with our sad news, Bramare has brought her pups to early in the world. Unfortunately, the lungs of the pups were not yet fully developed, they sadly died the same day. The people on our waiting list are already informed by us. As you will understand, it is a big disappointment for us all. Lucky Bramare is doing well. Also we have happy and cheerful news. Last weekend Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro, Emiliana Brunella and Antonio Citterio di Ala d'Oro were present during the 1st SABI Raduno Mondiale 2014 organized by the Italian race Association SABI. We had the trip planned along with a number of friends from Netherlands, America, Italy and Scotland. A nice touch was that Tina had been asked by the Board of the SABI to make a bronze statue for the winner of this special club match. It was a great happening. It was fun to see so many friends again. Our dogs did very well both on the show as while hunting. An extensive photo report will be finish soon, click here to check>>>

01-09-2014We are happy! The ultra sound showed that Bramare Bice di Ala D'Oro is pregnant. We expect these puppies will be been born around the 22 September. As soon the puppies are born we will make a puppy news page and we will try to fill these pages up with all kind of puppy updates and photo's. Would you like to see more info about the parends of this litter, click here>>>. So now all we can do is wait untill they are born, in this litter we can have orange and brown puppies. Some of the future owners have specific wishes for a coulor or sexe, it makes us extra curious if "Bram" can make everybody on our list happy. Now some other news in the begin of August we held the first Mia&Mio day. It was a great day, of course we made a foto report. Its already on the Internet click here>>>> It was a shame that some of the Mia&Mio owners missed it, because it was such a big success we decited to plan a second Mia&Mio day. Soon more info about that. Then we can tell you that we have put many new pictures on our webpage, click here to take a look>>> Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

21-07-2014We have some very exciting news, we mated Bramare Bice to Creonte and hope to see puppies around 22 September 2014. We can't wait for these puppies to be born but of course we realize that we first need to know if Bram is pregnant but we cant help it we are so excited. In four weeks from now we will do an ultra sound to see if Bramare become a mother for the first time. If you want more information about the litter, click here>>> Now some "older" news. We have been very successful with our dogs at the VISJ Championship Clubmatch witch was held in May. Overall winner was Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro, she stood in the ring with Best Male Andrea Branzi di Ala D'Oro. On top of that she became BEST IN SHOW in the ring of honor! Click her for our result page>>> May was also the month that we visit some of the Ala D'Oro dogs that live in the USA. We had a great time and were very happy to see the dogs again! Kristen, Ralph, Barrie and Marilyn has makes this holiday extra special, thank you so much for that! Click here for some pictures>>>. Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

We like to have your attention! Some of the contact addresses from people who wanted to be updated about the litter of Bramare where lost due to a computer crash. If you did not received our update e-mail send at 21-7-2014, and you are still interested in a puppy's of Bramare, we kindly ask you to send us a new e-mail. Our e-mail address

14-04-2014Well again some busy weeks behind us. Our visit to Italy was despite all the stress upfront just great. We had some mature car trouble witch made us force to take some difficult choices what dogs (and owners) could travel to Italy. We also had to skip one SABI field trail because yet another car problem. Lucky we were able to enter the DOC field trails we planned to enter. In these trails we have seen a lot of excellent work from our girls. The sisters Bramare Bice, Emiliana Brunella en Sebastiana Bruna obtain all three excellent field trail qualifications. They also obtain the necessary retrieve test. And of course we are (again) very happy with the great results. There is a photo report from this trip on the webpage, click her to go to EXTRA PAGE. Last week Mia Carmen became Best female at the International show in Utrecht. This one was needed to obtain the National Champion title! Now we have send the all papers to the FCI for Mia's CIB/CIE title! Some news about our Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro, she has been x-rayed, she scored HD A, ED result will follow because this is only aloud from 18 month. Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

11-02-2014Field training started again. This season Daan, Mose, Duffy, Bram and Amore will get full attention in our fields. On top of that we will attent to our weekly obediance training with Duffy, Bram, Bas, Daan and Mia. At least we do not have time to be bored! We want to ask all Ala D'Oro dog owners to enter their dog at the 4th VISJ Champinship Clubmatch. The event will take place at Sunday 11 May 2014. There will be a Italian specilist to judge the dogs that have been entered. We would be happy to be in the company of our dogs owners, so we hope many of you will come. The Championship Clubmatch is organized by the Club for Bracco Italiano and Spinone, the VISJ. If you want/need help with the registration, just send us a mail
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19-01-2014After a very happy, full and long life "Mus" Tomba La Bomba di Ala D'Oro has died. Mus born at 29 January 2001,came from the combination Nebbia Gucci di Ala D'Oro X Valentino di Ala D'Oro. We wish Rob and Michelle much strength with the lost of their best friend. News from Mia Amante di Ala D'Oro who lives in the USA. At the Inman's gathering in Florida (USA) last weekend, Marilyn's puppy Mia Amante di Ala D'Oro had a great time. With her 12 weeks she was allowed to showed her hunting abilities during the hunting test by the rules of the youth hunting test AKC. Marilyn was proud of her little girl. She had a good search, pointed well, flushed and retrieved a pheasant. During the gathering exterior show Mia Amante became Best Puppy in Show. We are proud and happy she has showed her lovely personality and hunting ability to all the Bracco people at the gathering in the USA. What more can we wish for. Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

01-01-2014We like to look back. 2013 was an excellent year for our kennel. We have beautiful memories of our trips to Scotland, Denmark, Hungary and Italy. In 2013 were also a lot of days filled with training the dogs, during this training we were often accompanied by Ala D'Oro friends and their dogs. 2013 we brought three dogs to the show top. Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro, Sebastiana Bruna di Ala d'Oro and Balda earned the title Dutch Champion. Our breeding program was also successful in 2013, we got wonderful pups from Balda and Mia. On the agenda for 2014 are already all sorts of interesting "dogs" trips planned. Some of these trips are linked to competitions where we may be able to take advantage of our training efforts. Of course, in 2014 we go on the road again to train with our dogs, our training group will certainly be expanded as allmost all pups born in 2013 will be hunted over when they are matured. Rest us nothing else then wish all our friends and fan's a healthy and happy New Year! Are you curious for more Ala D'Oro news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

We wish you a happy and healthy 2014!

21-10-2014 Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro

26-09-2014 Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro

17-09-2014 Emiliana Brunella di Ala D'Oro
1 Excellent CAC Raduno del Mondo 2014

01-09-2014 Bramare pregnant!

21-07-2014 Bramare mated!

14-04-2014Nevio Agostino di Ala D'Oro

11-02-2014 International Champion Coccinella di Ala D'Oro

19-01-2014 Tomba La Bomba di Ala D'Oro

01-01-2014 Mio Amore di Ala D'Oro

01-01-2014 Happy New Year

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