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.Bracco Italiano Kennel Di Ala D'Oro
Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens
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Current News

24-04-2020 A lot to tell this time. We start with the wonderful news that Edda gave birth to eleven puppies. The puppy news page has been online for a while now, click here to visit these pages>>>. The puppies are two weeks old next Monday, they are doing very well. Edda is a sweet caring mother. Last time we wrote here that Beatrice da Calabrone di Ala D'Oro would leave for Denmark, but traveling to Denmark through covid-19 was impossible. We have now decided that Beatrice will continue to live with us. We call her Bice. Vivi and Bice are good friends, which is sometimes a bit difficult, but we are of course already busy educating both ladies. We have also decided that we will have our Raffaele da Fendi di Ala D'Oro "Bes" covered as soon as she is in heat. We (hope) expect her to be in season in August or September. If she has a successful mating we can assume that her puppies will be born in November or December. As soon as we have news, we will mention it here.Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!


Di Ala D'Oro- Muller / Steffens