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Current News

06-06-2020 The puppies of Edda have almost all found their way to their new owners. It was a super fun time where Edda showed what a sweet, patient mother she is. An extremely carefree litter of 11 puppies. Last weekend, Edda happily parted with her children. We are confident that they will be in the right places, so we also said goodbye with a good feeling. Sunday, July 12, we already have the first day of return, the owners of Edda's babies will receive some more information about this by email. Now it's time to get started with Viviana "Vivi" Beatrice "Bice" who just turned 6 months old. They dry up nicely, too bad we can't show that to judges at the dog show. The toddlers Vivi and Bice will soon start their obedience course at the canine association. The hunting training will also be taken seriously again from 27 June. We are still looking when we can best organize the "da Calabrone" day. More on this later. Our two-year-old Raffaele "Bess" also has to work again. In Italy she surprised us with beautiful mature field work, a super nose and she is very steady. Duffy will help us with Bess' follow up fieldwork training, hopefully she will have a similar career as her mother. But now ... first recover from a busy period!Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

Viviana da Calabrone
di Ala D'Oro

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