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.Bracco Italiano Kennel Di Ala D'Oro
Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens
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Current News
12-11-2019 On December 11, our dear "Duffy" gave birth to her puppies. Upcoming period we will try to post daily a report on the web with some pictures. The puppy page is easily found under PUPPY NEWS if you want to take an instant look. At this moment we start up page PUPPY NEWS but there are already some other active pages with pictures and reports. Meanwhile, we have called all the people who we had on our list. This brought joy but also some disappointment because we had more people on the list than we have puppies. In about two and a half weeks "strangers" are welcome to visit our home. Then it is done with our quiet time. We now ready to enjoy our (read Duffy X Oren) babies. A
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