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. Bracco Italiano Kennel Di Ala D'Oro
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens
(C) Ala D'Oro

Current News
27-07-2018We are very proud to tell you that Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro is now Dutch Champion! She obtain her last Championship point at an International dogshow in Zwolle, she became Best Female judged by an breed specialist from Italy. We of course congratulate Edda's CO-owner, our friend June Laing with this nice achievement. Together with June we have decided to have a litter with pups with Edda at our home, as soon she come in season she will be mated. More information about the combination will follow later on. In the meantime the puppies of Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro are now almost 14 weeks old. They have already left us to have a great active life with their new owners. From this litter we kept Ambrogio "Brogio and Raffaele "Bes" to ourself. Stephanie Turion was enthusiastic to become Ambrogio's CO-owner. New about Ala D'Oro hunting training; because of the weather (very hot), we have decided to cancel the planned Ala D'Oro hunting training that would be held at the 29th of July. With this cancellation there is only one training left on the agenda for this season, Click here for more info>>> We like to point out to all owners of an Ala D'Oro pup/dog that they are welcome at the VISJ FUNDAY on the12th of August, it is organized in name of the Italian pointing dog association (Bracco and Spinone Club Holland). It would be great to see some Ala D'Oro dogs at this day! To read more about this FUNDAY please visit the webpage of the club, click here>>>. To join us you have to enter before the 4th of August. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

Dutch Champion
Edda da Dama

di Ala D'Oro
Di Ala D'Oro- Muller / Steffens