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News Page 2009

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31-12-2009We wish all Bracco Italiano Ala D'Oro Fan's and Friend's a healthy , successful and happy 2010!

19-12-2009Last week we took our "Mot", Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro to the vet to make an ultrasound of her uterus. There were puppies to see, so she is pregnant! Now we just have to be very patience and wait until mid January, because then the puppies will be born. It is quite exciting because we want a puppy so badly ourselves from this combination. All people on the waiting list for this combination already had an email with the good news and we have received some nice comments back already. We currently enjoy the wonderful winter weather here in Holland. At the photo you see our Laura Biagiotti who can not resist to taste of snow time after time.
There are new pictures on our BLOG

14-12-2009The report of our trip to the Italian Raduno is placed on the webpage.

08-12-2009Back from Italy! We have visit Montodine(CR). Because it was the 60th anniversary of the SABI, the Bracco Italiano Club organized a Raduno with a show and field trail at Saturday 5 December and again a field trail at 6 December. First day Miuccia Prada and Laura Biagiotti did Excellent in show, they got a second and third place. In the field trail (5 December) Miuccia Prada showed that she is not only a beautiful dog, she is also a perfect hunting dog, she took the 4 place with a Very Good! The second day (6 December) Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro got the first run in this trail and scored a 3 place with Very Good! Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro took second place with Excellent qualification! Ten years ago at the 50th anniversary of the SABI our dogs did also excellent, Nebbia-Gucci di Ala D'Oro became Best RM Female 1999. This year we think we have overdone this success and we have to say we are so proud! Soon a report with more pictures. 30-11-2009Yesterday was the moment to visit the Amsterdam Winner show, the biggest and most important dog show of the year in Holland. Well we will not easy forget this nice day. Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro became Amsterdam Winster. But Stephanie, Arjan and Jaap's Mariotto di Ala D'Oro became Amsterdam Winner and Best of Breed! Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro was placed as reserve CAC-CACIB's. But there is more. Mariotto and Laura obtained the winner titles and so they are both qualified to enter the Crufts in Birmingham. Together with Miuccia Prada who was already qualified to enter I think we can arrange now some nice combination trip to Great Britain. Maybe we can plan to hunt a little, show a little AND bring visits to good friends. Stephanie is getting better and better in handling di Ala D'Oro Bracchi at the shows and during the hunting day's. Well done Steef!

22-11-2009This past week we came back from Italy. It was super to spend some nice days of course with a brief visit to Reno, the experienced dog trainer. And as we promised, we have arrange one and another for the American Bracco Italiano Club. This unexpected brief visit from us to Italy worked out well for us. We were fortunate that the breeding with "Mot" went well. A week before Christmas we know for sure if she is pregnant. So we need to have some patience and this time we will not be nervous about it. Yesterday it was very sunny weather. Our sweet Italian dogs love it in the sun and that often provides beautiful photos. For example this lovely picture from our old lady Bice.

09-11-2009Winter period in Holland is almost there, it is starting to get cold. We are looking forward to this winter. It is so lovely to have ice on our canals. Champion Mariotto di Ala D'Oro is getting better and better in the field. This photo was taken last week by Stephanie.
Miuccia Prada "Mot" the mother of Mariotto is in season. This means that when all goes well we have puppies in the second week of January. So we cross our fingers and hope the breeding will work out. As soon we have news we will put it on our webpage. Of course people on our waitinglist will recieve an e-mail. Follow also our BLOG too, almost every day news.

02-11-2009We are again obtained from our visit to America. It was so amazing that we have decided to go back to Nevada. Ralph and Barrie were great hosts and we promiss to look for some perfect Bracchi that can go to the USA. Lets hope it will be in the near future that we go back. Meanwhile, I have worked hard to get the report about the gathering done. Jaap has been busy training. Both Laura and "Mot" doing fine. The training class for torque are also excellent. We are very lucky that we have acces to nice places to train. Hope it will give the desired result. There is one small detail that makes us a bit nervous, we like puppies of "Mot" but we hope that she will have her season after the field trials.

21-10-2009We are back from our trip to Nevada USA. We have been visiting Ralph and Barrie, the owners of the Bracco Italiano Kennel Minnitte's. Their kennel started with a ten weeks old puppy Marcellina di Ala D'Oro "Sadie" from our kennel, who is at this moment eight years and four month old. We are so happy that we finally got to visit them! We knew this visit would be something special because Ralph and Barrie organised this years Bracco Italiano Seminar. In this holiday we had the pleasure to meet up with a lot of Bracco Italiano owners with the same interest, hunt with the Bracco. Ralph and Barrie, new and old bracco friends and other family members of Ralph and Barrie have made this trip unforgettable. SOON you can find some pictures and report at our "extra page".

26-09-2009This weekend we have met four lovely children of Tito Pedrini di Ala D'Oro and their owners at the dogshow in Maastricht. For some owners, this was the first time at a dogshow, therefore the voltage before the judgment was high. After the judge awarded all four of them with the best result "Veel Belovend " they could relax again. Of course we also enter with our own dogs. Miuccia Prada and Marriotto di Ala D'Oro where present. In the ring of honour during the election of best in Couple class the judge placed "Mot" and "Mauro" at number 1. Just as in Rotterdam! After the show we took a short walk in Kerkrade and then up to the house of Anke and Dieter for dinner. It was a very nice day, you can read more about it at our BLOG soon.

13-09-2009Field trails season in Denmark just started and again Kim and Bambaia di Ala D'Oro made history! Bambaia obtain not only qualification "Excellent" in open class, she was declared winster of the day, so 1st Excellent in open class! Never before a Bracco Italiano achieved this in Denmark! Kim and Anna we could not be more proud of you! Congratulations. Keep up the good work for the Bracco Italiano in Denmark. Read more about these successful Ala D'Oro working dogs in our BLOG

30-08-2009We congratulate Arjan and Stepanie so much with their first Dutch Champion, Marioto di Ala D'Oro! Again a great achievement from this male. He is a great hunting and show dog. Now for the statistics; "Mauro" is the 25st Ala D'Oro who may call him/her self "National Champion". Today Mariotto "Mauro" obtain his last point and took home the title " Dutch Champion". At the International show in Rotterdam he was showed professional by his lovely co-owner Stephanie. The Argentinean judge was very impressed by our young man. He gave "Mauro" the CAC and CACIB and make him Best Male and with this point he is now Dutch Champion.
Read more about today's Ala D'Oro show performance at our BLOG.

15-08-2009Today Duck hunting season started in Holland. This means that Duck will be on the menu coming weeks.
We have received good news from Miuccia Prada's puppies Elefantino in Portugal and Rubella in Denmark. And Rubella's owners also send us new pictures.
Just for people who like to keep up to date, we put news on the BLOG almost every day. And..... we try to translate the news into English as much as possible.

10-08-2009At the BLOG you could have red that we had Armani, a puppy from Miuccia Prada and Andor at our home last week. This weekend his sister Mara Anna visit us. Also this weekend a visit from Danish Bo and Lisbeth. More reason for a diner party and a special Bracco Italiano training session. Mara Anna goes out hunting often with her owners, they are family members of THE Mees Punt a retired field trail judge, we would say that they are lucky! Next week the season for Duck hunting start. With a little luck we will receive and make nice new Bracco hunting pictures. For now we have put some new pictures on the webpage of Mara Anna and Armani.

17-07-2009The day before yesterday we took "Mot" to the vet for an ultra sound to see puppies, pityful she is not pregnant . So our plans have to change a litle again. We expect "Mot" next season in december so we do not have to wait that long. The people on our waitinglist are all informed. Await is all what we can do now.

06-07-2009I have finally found some time to sort out and scan the pictures of our previous litters. So now our Internet page is update. It worked out well I must say but what a job. Lucky we now live in the digital World. Look for pages: puppies 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

04-07-09Back in the Netherlands. We have enjoyed our trip to Italy very much. We have made many pictures.

15-06-2009 We hope we will have puppies in 2010 from Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro.

04-07-09Back in the Netherlands. We have enjoyed our trip to Italy vey much. 2009 is 60 years ago that the SABI was formed into a registered club. In the lovely house of the president of the SABI a seminar was held. Next day it was time for the Raduno. Arjan, Stephanie and Mariotto "Mauro" where in Italy because of their summer holiday. So we made plans, this was a good moment to introduce Mariotto for the second time to the owner of Adelchi (Mariotto's father). We have made many pictures.

15-06-2009 We hope we will have puppies in August! Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro has been mated with Bianco dell Mucrone.

But there are/will be born puppies from other interesting combinations also. Ralph Minnittes in the USA have a litter with a daughter of Marcellina di Ala D'Oro.
And of course we cannot forget the lovely puppies of Rigmor and Thomas, they already will be six weeks old this week!

12-06-200912-06-2009Back home! Our summer holiday is nearly done. But we do not have anything to complain about because in only a few weeks we go to Italy with friends again. In the south of France we have enjoyed the hospitality of Arjan and Hanneke at their lovely farm house in the country. The pictures are at the Internet.

We have received many lovely messages from familiar and unfamiliar people who saw us in the Italian glossy magazine "Diana, la Natura la Caccia". Thanks for all the attention, your frank compliments and congratulations!

04-06-2009Back from Ireland, we have had a lovely time with excellent company. Coming weekend we will be busy in Zuidermeer, Anki Skrucha is visiting and we have to pack for our next Holiday. Last week we received from Mauro Nerviani the "Diana, la Natura la Caccia" nr. 2126. In this glossy Italian hunting magazine we see Jaap, Kim, Bambaia en Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro in Poggibonsi at the Field trails with the Trofeo Scheggi.

17-05-2009Champion "Valborg" Violetta di Ala D'Oro beautiful puppies are almost two weeks old. One male puppy is still available for serious people. If you are interested please contact Kennel da Costa Vista. 06-05-09They have been waiting a long time for this moment but now their wish came true. Rigmor and Thomas the owners of kennel da Costa Vista in Norway have their first Bracco Italiano litter. Their "Valborg" Violetta di Ala D'Oro gave birth to seven beautiful puppies. Mother and kids are doing fine! "Valborg " is baby of our "Mot" Miuccia Prada. This makes our "Mot" the grandmother of this litter!
On photo Enzo and Laura. We had a holiday yesterday. Yes, we have spent our free time well. We went on family visit in Ter Aar. Of course at the end of the day we went for a short walk on the beach in Noordwijk. It was BIG fun.

04-05-2009What a productive weekend we had and this while we actually had planned a very lazy weekend with friends abroad.
Well our next weekend will not spend "working" in our garden.
Next weekend is the dog show in Alkmaar. Finally a dog show organized just around the corner of our house.
We are curious how our dogs are going to be judged this time.

Our Mariotto is invited over seas to take care of a mating. We are proud to be a part of this arangement and soon more information will be on our webpage.

We have planned a litter with Ch. Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro.

02-05-2009This weekend we are very busy working in our garden. Today we have put the young plants into the full ground. We also created our own dog friendly gardenhouse, a gardenhouse table height and with plastic instead of glass. It is super! Look at the BLOG for some pictures that where taken today.
On photo Miuccia Prada "Motje" with the bike trailer. When our Danish friends are here to visit we can use the trailer for the children. So we can go around on our bikes all together.
Missoni di Ala D'Oro was in Dortmund at the show.

26-04-2009Wednesday we had a "small" family dog party at home, our sweet Bice became 14 years old. This old lady who just went to the dentist to remove two molars is going strong. We love her very much and know that we are very lucky to still have her.
This weekend we had a great time, we where invited by Stephanie for the great flowershow in their village. This time of year all kind of the flowers from bulbs are everywhere in our neighbourhood. We had great weather and of course many pictures where taken at the show, take a look at the Extra page.

19-04-2009Damage Combat with the Bracco Italiano. Hunting season In Holland is closed at this moment for most of the game. This is the time to be active with damage control at the fields. It is important to protect the natural birdgame in our hunting fields. The fox is one of the animals that has to be controlled, he has no natural enemy's. Also In the North part of Holland "Reinaert the fox " is well represented. Time for the men and the dogs to start working. In the polders we saw a lot of duck and pheasant. The huntmaster was pleased with the work of our two Bracco's Miuccia Prada and Laura. Unfortunately, "Reinaert" outsmart us this time.

17-04-2009Missoni di Ala D'Oro owner "Klara" is working hard to get the "KK2" diploma. Klara's class mates and KCArnhem are happy with the help of Missoni. She is used as TOP model every week.

15-04-2009This Easter weekend we enjoyed the beautiful weather. Of course, we have spent our free days useful and went on tour with our dogs. For the first time after her accident, Laura got the change to get into the field looking for birds. It turns out that her feet recover better than we thought. Her search was beautifully and rewarded with pheasant and partridge. Monday In Leeuwarden, we could see Stephanie and Mariotto in action in the showring. It resulted in excellent qualifications. Well done Steef!

We have received pictures of Armani di Ala D'Oro, visit update photo.

06-04-2009 News at our BLOG>>>
Norwegian Violetta di Ala D'Oro, "Valborg is pregnant! If you are interested in a puppy from Norway, please feel free to contact the kennel owners of kennel da Costa Vista, Rigmor and Thomas.

30-03-2009It is very exciting this week in Norway, Violetta di Ala D'Oro wil get a ultra sound to see if she is really pregnant. Rigmor think she is. We keep our fingers crossed. Ala D'Oro have planed a litter in 2010 with Miuccia Prada, "Mot".

28-03-2009Kim, Bambaia Jaap and Miuccia Prada are on track together. The plan was to take Laura also. But because of the big injury at her wrist it is impossible for Laura to enter field trails at this moment.
I enjoy my self with the"oldies"and Laura. This morning we went to the beach,of course with Laura on leash. I want to thank Anna for the lovely presents out of her shop. Thanks Anna!
On picture; Bice shows some of the present, the lovely collar, the bell and the hunting coat.

21-03-2009The plan was to walk with a group at the beach close to our house, today there was such a traffic jam that our young friends Claudius and Winston did not make it on time. My old ladies soon had enough of waiting for our two young friends, so after a while we decided to start without them. Well next time better. We could have know that something like this would happen since it was TO NICE weather, everybody goes outside with this weather... not only dog people.

18-03-2009Last weekend Mariotto entered the show in Leiden. The show judge gave him a 1 Excellent. Saturday , the day before the show he was of course out hunting. Mariotto's co-owners Stephanie is just like me, a fanatic photographer. I must say that I think she has talent and.... Mariotto the looks!

14-03-2009Most of Anke and Dieters puppies have left their house. Puppies from this litter have found homes all over the world. Normally it is very easy to fly with puppies. Of course rules must be obedience and the puppy must have a official pet passport Alfred's Canadian owner had although the papers where in order, a hard time to get him in the KLM airplane. Lucky they changed their minds and so Canadian Marie could take her Alfred to Québec. Alfred will for sure live a happy life in Canada!

07-03-2009Today Mariotto di Ala D'Oro, "Mauro" went out hunting again, he is so lucky that he can hunt every week now. This morning only some pigeons where shot, normally at this time of the year there is a lot of Geese also but .... not today. His retrieving skills are better and better, the working tests will start soon. Both Mauro and Steef getting more experienced day by day. Looking forward to his results this year!

01-03-2009We had a lovely time during our short "holiday" in Sweden and Norway. A great trip and in good company. Also at this journey we visit our "bracco" friends. The nature in we have seen is wonderful, especially with this winter weather. All around the house the wolves and elk. Only the last ones could be captured at our film. The other animals only left their tracks in the snow. We want to thank Fred, Truke and Thijmen for their hospitality and kindness. Looking forward to the next visit!

14-02-2009Happy Valentine!

09-02-2009Our Champion boy Tito Pedrini di Ala D'Oro became father at 8 January 2009, nine lovely puppies where born at the kennel of Dieter and Anke.

02-02-2009In Holland the hunting season for wild duck is closed, Saturday was the last change to shoot some as we did. "Mot" and Laura accompanied us, they are not only great pointers, they retrieve as well. In February we are aloud to shoot female roe deer. And, not so long anymore until we will have a short holiday in lovely Sweden.

31-01-2009At the 29th of January we have celebrate Nebbia Gucci's "puppies" 8th birthday. Congratulations to all!

26-01-2009We are very proud to let you know that Violetta di Ala D'Oro, "Valborg" from Rigmor en Thomas has obtain the title Norwegian Champion!

26-01-2009The field trails 2009. This year we have planed some field trails where we will participate. Both Miuccia Prada "Mot" and Laura Biagiotti di Ala D'Oro will come with us on these trips. Last year Laura showed us that she easy obtain the championship points, also in Italy. "Mot" can do the same this year, we are sure about that. Last year "Mot" could not come with us because she gave birth to nine lovely puppies. News at our BLOG

20-01-2009This weekend we have visit Vaals at the south of Holland Limburg. Elisa and her puppies live there and our Tito Pedrini di Ala D'Oro is the father of these puppies. First week of January they where born. So almost 10 day's old now, it is about time we went up there and take a look. The puppies look really lovely, they are fat and healthy. They have beautiful heads with perfect angualtions and excellent boddies. Elisa is a very happy sweet mother, she is spoiled terrible by family Reefs. It was a great day, too short but we will go back soon. Anke thank you so much for the nice day and we see you soon!

11-01-2009Winter in Holland. It is freezing hard so finally after many years (11) without the right ice, it is possible to ice-skate at all our beautiful ringcanals. Well today we looked for fun on the ice, together with Laura Biagiotti and Miuccia Prada. New pictures, look at update photo

10-10-2009Our Champion boy Tito Pedrini di Ala D'Oro became a father again yesterday, nine lovely puppies are born at the kennel of Dieter and Anke. They have a webpage and blog. These puppies are looking for lovely homes. For more information please visit their BLOG

09-01-2009This weekend the pictures I recieved in the christmas holiday will be on our webpage. It has taken a while and i must say sorry for that but now I hope I can find some time! We start with the picture from Portugal!

19-12- 2009 Laura Biagiottidi di Ala D'Oro loves the snow

05&06-12- 2009 Laura Biagiottidi "3 Molto Bene" and Miuccia Pradadi Ala D'Oro Molto spettacolare 2 Eccellente during het 60th anniversary SABI!

30-11-2009 Ala D'Oro ,Winner 2009, Winster 2009, BOB Mariotto di Ala D'Oro Excellent show and huntingdog

22-11-2009 Our old sweet but still lovely lady Bice.

09-11-2009 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro. A beautyful huntingdog

02-10-2009 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro and Jaap in the field

21-10-2009We special thanks Ralph & Barrie from "Minnitte kennel" USA. It was great! Photo.: "Sadie" Marcellina di Ala D'Oro

26-09-2009 Number 1 again in couple class with Miuccia Prada and Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

13-09-2009 Bambaia "Bambi" di Ala D'Oro
Numero Uno with 1Excellent in Field Trail, openclass

30-08-09 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro DUTCH CHAMPION!!!

15-08-09 Pebles with goose instead of a duck, also tastfull.

04-07-09 60est birthday SABI, Ala D'Oro 3 X Excellent

15-06-2009 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

12-06-2009 Bracco Ala D'Oro in France

04-06-2009 Bracco Ala D'Oro in Ireland

On photo; Maranzano di Ala D'Oro (do not try this at home! )

06-05-2009 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro, practise and training season has started again! Mariotto di Ala D'Oro, full brother of "Valborg" in Norway who has her first litter with 7lovely puppies!

06-05-2009 Enzo and Laura, BIG fun.

02-05-2009 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro and the bike trailer.

26-04-2009 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro

19-04-2009 Dutch Fox Hunting

17-04-2009 Missoni di Ala D'Oro

30-03-2009 Dolce Amore di Ala D'Oro (14 maanden oud)

28-03-2009 Bice show the presents from Anna

21-03-2009 Prima Donna di Ala D'Oro

18-03-2009 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro 1 Excellent in Leiden

07-03-2009 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

01-03-2009 Back from Sweden it was perfect white!

14-02-2009 Happy Valentine!

Lovely puppies from Tito and Elisa

11-01-2009 Miuccia Prada on ice

09-01-2009 Elefantino Rosso di Ala D'Oro in Portugal

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