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News Page 2010

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20-12-2010We are preparing for the holiday season of 2010. We look back on an eventful dog year with as always ups and downs. We personally had to say goodbye to Gabbana and Bice, two top dogs. Most grateful that we so long have enjoyed these sweet girls. With still two old ones on the couch, we set our hearts, although at this moment Gucci and Prima Donna "Pebles" are doing really well. Ala D'Oro show and work results. This year we again look back with pride. Many excellent results from Ala D'Oro dogs in field trials and working trials and lets not forget dog shows. Besides the work competitions and shows we had the opportunity to have a lot of good days in the hunting field. We realize that we are lucky with the hunting grounds in our area, especially in spring and summer, we are therefore keen to use. This year we also had the honour to train and hunt abroad. For this we thank our friends. The coming year we hope to receive many new messages and photo 's from all (co-) owners of an Ala D' Oro. And as you have grown to expect, we place this news on our Web page. We wish our Ala D'Oro dogs and their (co-) owners a very happy and healthy New Year 2011!

18-12-2010Many things to update you about, this time we have good and very sad news. We start with the sad news that the young and talented Trussardi di Ala D'Oro "Baltzar", has died unexpected and very suddenly. We soon hope to learn more about the cause of his death from the autopsy report. We feel really sad and we wish Elias and Kasja all the strength's and all the best coping with their great loss.
Our good news is that during our trip to our friends in Italy Miuccia Prada "Mot" and Laura Biagiotti did very well at the official championship field trails. The report about our visit to Italy is ready and o the Internet, go to extra pages.

29-11-2010Great success for Ala D'Oro kennel at the Amsterdam Winner.

27-11-2010Finally a moment to sit at the computer. The report about our visit to Italy is ready and now on the Internet. Last weekend we were on the road with the dogs, this weekend we have no time for extra walks with the dogs, the pressure is great because we get a visitor from Denmark. We have been waiting for this delighted moment to welcome Lisbeth and her dogs again. This week we have a tight schedule, training with the sisters Mia and Bianca. On Thursday, the Norwegians will be welcomed to the Netherlands so then our house will be really full. But first the Amsterdam Winner, we are going tomorrow.

13-11-2010Brown puppy is en route to her new owner, the owners looking forward to see her. In Denmark was Coccinella di Ala D'Oro "Bianca" for the first time at the dog show. She was rewarded by the judge with 1 excellent, well done Lisbeth and Bianca! In Sweden, Trussardi "Baltzar" and his owner does nicely in the field, our expectations are high for this combination! This month we had already some dogs birthday's to celebrate, the children of Miuccia Prada "Mot" are now 4 years old, Laura's children are 6 years old. We also received some nice pictures from Ala D'Oro dog owners. You can look the up in various Ala D'Oro sheets.
Curious? Follow us also on BLOG

02-11-2010Last weekend we were back in Denmark, this time to pick up two puppies. They are children of Bambaia di Ala D'Oro. It seems to be not so easy for the whole Ala D'Oro family to get used to two "strange" puppies running around the house. Today an extra day off from work to ensure that these puppies quickly develop an Ala D'Oro rhythm. This morning we have been with Mia and "Barbie" puppy in Obdam, what an experience. Mia is really nice, something we did not expect because.... hey Mia self is still a baby. Winner in Amsterdam is coming up, we enormously looking forward to the visit from our Danish girlfriend.

15-10-2010We still get sweet messages from people because we have lost Gabbana, again thanks for this. At this moment we are extremely busy with various dog training courses. Laura Biagiotti, and Miuccia Prada are now every day in the field with Jaap. Mia Carmen is currently twice a week on field tour, but she also goes to show training and obedience classes. Last week, we have received a lot of pictures and news from Ala D'Oro dog owners. On the photo we see the happy brothers, Peppino "Baggio" and Minotti "Miga". "Miga" will for the first time participate in a carnicross contest . It is nice to hear that they are doing well. More news at our BLOG, click here

01-10-2010 We want to thank you for the kind words, post and e-mail we have received following the dead of our sweet Gabbana. It is good to have friends. Last weekend we have visited Gabbana's great grand children in Denmark. The puppies look excellent. Miuccia's daughter Bambaia shows to be a very relaxed and loving mother. The plan is that we go back in late October and do the puppies hunting intelligence test. We are very curious about their talents. Of course Jaap and Kim took also the opportunity to work with Muiccia, Mia and Freddie on the beautiful and varied Danish hunting grounds.
More news on our BLOG, click here

23-09-2010 With much pain in our hart we have to tell you that our sweet and lovely Gabbana has past away. Last month Gabbana changed from an energetic dog to the old lady that did not want to come with us for walks anymore. When she decided three day's ago not eve want to eat her special food we knew that this was the time to let her go. We are very grateful that we could have her with us for more then 12 years. She has been one of the very important dogs for our kennel, her hunting skills and her typical Bracco Italiano looks has helped us enormous to build up a excellent name in (bracco) dog world. Gabbana will be missed by us all. Rest in peace dear Gabbana.

06-09-2010Excellent news from Denmark! Bambaia di Ala D'Oro, called "Bambi" has delivered five female and four male puppies from an excellent combination.

28-08-2010We have put a enormous amount of new pictures on the web, the owners of Moana, Violetta, Pia, Trussardi send lovely pictures. We also put new pictures on the web from our youngest girl Mia Carmen.
Also new on our web a report and pictures from the great training weekend in Denmark.

01-08-2010Excellent news from Denmark! Bambaia di Ala D'Oro, called "Bambi" has been successfully mated. Before this out-cross combination was realized there has been a long search for the typical Italian male with perfect pedigree. Of course the male we were looking for had to have great looks and proved his skills in the fields, just as Bambaia already did. We are so happy to announce that the ultra sound last week showed that the lovely Bambaia di Ala D'Oro is pregnant! The short trip to Italy was a success. Bambaia's puppies are expected in September 2010. Curious? Keep an eye on our BLOG

12-07-2010Last Saturday Mariotto "Mauro" and Stephanie entered a working test of the KNJV in Zeeland. The result was again great. They are a super team together, we are so proud on them both. Bambaia di Ala D'Oro who live in Denmark has been mated by a lovely, good looking and perfect working Italian male. As Bambaia was a gift too Kim and Anna (BiancoRosso) to build up their kennel and we are the co-owners, we have made a lot of effort to find this male for Bambaia. Our Denamark friends promised to keep us up to date about the progress. We are very excited! In the mean time we are busy with the preparations for a new field trail season. We have been starting some practice with Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro, we think she is very talented. We are lucky with her , she is easy to train, she probably have inhered that from her dad Baiardo! August will be a very busy month for us. Busy because we will be training young Bracchi and Spinoni in and outside of Holland.
Curious? Keep an eye on our BLOG

29-06-2010Back from the World dog show in Herning, Denmark. A long weekend enjoying Lisbeth's hospitality and have fun with all friends that where invited. Lisbeth's house was very quick taken by a bunch of Bracco and Spinone. It was exactly how Lisbeth and Boye wanted it to be when they planed this in January. I can only say that this weekend was super pleasant with the owners of Coccinella, Solo Una, Rubella Vittoria, Delaney and not to forget the Spinone clan from the Netherlands. I have made a lot of new friends. Of course Kim, from partner kennel Bianco Rosso came to meet up with us all. Next month there is a new meeting planed in Denmark. Hope we can go again. At the World dog show 2010 our sweet birthday girl Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro got only a 2e excellent in Champion class, it seems that this was the highest result we could get from the judge.

24-06-2010Ready to go to World dog Show in Denmark. We will meet up with friends from all over he world. Lets hope our dogs do well!
We recieved very lovely pictures taken by Stephanie in Toscane! Here you see one taken of Mariotto and a bronze donkey.

16-06-2010Our sweet Bice is gone, we have put the sweet memories in our hart, we will miss her.

12-06-2010 Back from Italy. We had a lovely holiday week. In the Italian Dolomites it is easy to enjoy the pure nature. We only brought two dogs this trip, Miuccia Prada and Mia Carmen. Mia had to come because Mauro and her did not meet in person yet. Mauro and Maura recognize a lot of Baldo. Next week; we will go on a trip to Denmark to enter the World dog show with Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro. This is the best moment to see many of the Ala D'Oro's puppies who found their homes in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Of course meeting our Scandinavian people friends makes that we are looking forward to this Champion ship too.

23-05-10Finaly we have lovely weather. Well we have been waiting for that because in Holland the sun is shining always with whitsun. Last week Jaap has been busy to hunt for the row deer buck. This is the special season for Gucci , she is the one who is out hunting almost every day with Jaap. She loves to sit with Jaap waiting for row deer to show up.
Only two weeks away from the summer holiday! We have two trips ahead of us. One to the south and one to the north part of Europe.

Attention! There have been problems with our computer. Because of this we have lost e-mail's and data. If you have been in contact before or you are an Ala D'Oro dog owners, please send us an e-mail with your address and phone number.

13-05-10Are you a fan of the Giro d'Ítalia? Well, Jaap is. His friend Mauro was lucky, the Giro karavaan went close by his house and hunting area in Novara. What a shame Jaap was not able to go there at this moment. Today it is Ascension, the weather is no good. On the TV only news about the plane crash, not fun either. We are lucky to have Missoni and Klara at our house today....cozy! Delightful to exchange information about the Bracco Italiano and a good time too make new... pictures.

Attention! Because we had mature computer problem, we lost all our data. Specialy Ala D'Oro dog owners, please send us an e-mail with your address and phone number.

30-04-2010 It has been a while ago that Ala D'Oro news could be found on our webpage. Problems that we had with our computer are solved. So today an Ala D'Oro update. Our dogs are doing really fine, five day's ago we have had the pleasure to celebrate Bice's birthday. Today it is Prima Dona's birthday We are happy to say that our old ladies are still going strong. Last month we have been on tour a lot. We have been visiting puppies in their new homes. Miuccia Prada "Mot" and "Baldo" can be proud at their children. See update photo for the newest photo's. On the right.: Miuccia Prada and Mia Carmen in our neighbors tulip field. Spring is here!

28-03-2010 We start to settle in our normal routine again. Of course we miss the puppies but at the same time we now have fun and quality time with our own puppy, Mia Carmen. We where very pleased to receive so many e-mails with updates and pictures. Thank you all for that, it helps me to take some distance from these "puppychildren" to see them all happy in their own homes with their own families. Well, we will be outside more and more since the weather is getting better. I have started with my Bracco friendly garden. We will post news on our BLOG, it will be fun for you to follow up. On picture our old lady Gucci she will teach Mia Carmen how to understand wind!

22-03-2010 The puppies are now nine weeks old. Coccapani went Sunday to his co-owner. This morning Moana and Trussardi left with their new owners. The past day's where very busy but good. We have done some nice things like visiting Steef and Mariotto during their hunting test. The first test of this year. The results of Mariotto and Steef where super. A B-diploma and their team end up as 2th best team of the day! We where impressed. The last pictures from the puppies are now on the Ala D'Oro puppy update. From now on new pictures of the puppies will be on their own pages. But you will find this week a lot of news about them on our BLOG.

15-03-2010 The puppies are today eight weeks old. This morning our Danish friends took Coccinella to their home. Until next weekend it will still be a little busy in our house but then the last three puppies will go to their new homes. I think we will need some time to adjust to the quit moments. And we will miss them as you understand. Lucky we have received the official Kennel Club pedigree for all the puppies, so this will be a good excuse to bring it up to the puppies houses (the ones that live in Holland of course) as soon as possible.
Also check out the news and new pictures at our BLOG.

08-03-2010 The puppies are today seven weeks old. This is the week where some of the puppies will go to their new owners. The puppy campbell test and the hunting intelligent test has shown that all puppies have potention to become an excellent pointing dog. We have made our choice who we are going to keep from this excellent litter and Mia Carmen (see picture on the right) is one of them..... This week we are going to enjoy our puppies as long as we can. Hopefully the weather will help us and give us much sun so we can play with our puppies in the garden!

01-03-2010 The puppies are today six weeks old. Last week I started the week to say that the puppies did not have a busy schedule. Well during the week it came clear that this was not the case. Last week we have had many unplanned visitors who wanted to see these puppies before they leave for their new home. They have been socialized with with a lot of new things. The only thing that is not possible yet is that the puppies can run around in our garden. Our weather has been very poor. To much bad weather to let the puppies go out. Hopefully this week will bring day's without rain, keep your fingers crossed for us!

The puppies are today five weeks old. Only a few weeks away that they go to their new owners. The puppies are easy, they all eat well. And they keep on track to our eat, play and sleep scheme This week we will have lot's of visitors. And Wednesday our friend Ingrid will take care of our puppies for thefirst time. The puppies does not ahve a busy program, they can just enjoy.
Enjoy our puppy children.

15-02-2010 The puppies of Mot and Baldo are four weeks old. They are doing realy well. We hope to welcome Baldo's owner from Italy soon and we are curious what he think of our sweet puppies. Well we have had many visitors last week and weekend and all visitors were impressed. I hope I find time to update daily this week since I have a busy week and the puppies at work and Jaap is very busy to get the row deer in front of his shotgun and puppysit when I am at work.
Enjoy our puppy children.
Also check out the news at our BLOG.

08-02-2010 The puppies of Mot and Baldo are three weeks old. Coming week we will try to teach them to eat without making a big mess. This is the age that they will play more with each other and they start to look like real Bracchi. We have had many visitors last week and weekend and all visitors were impressed. We enjoy our puppy children.
We received the entree card for the TOP DOG of the year show. Our Motje is again invited for this prestigious show. It seems that only dogs from Ala D'Oro kennel were qualified to enter this year. But this is no news, it has happen many time before! Well although Motje look great we do not think the judge would like to see such large breast. And this show is next weekend ;-)

01-02-2010The puppies of Mot and Baldo are two weeks old. Their eyes opened up and we also think they can hear a little. Day's fly by in Zuidermeer. Last week I did not seem to find the time to update the webpage as I wanted to do. I promiss to better myself this week. This weekend we had visitors, future owners of the puppies. Some of the new owners already have Bracco and we know them for years. We had a very nice weekend together with our visitors. We put our daily reports and pictures of the litter on multiple pages, Ala D'Oro Puppy Update! We are now at WEEK 2

23-01-2010The puppies of Mot and Baldo are seven day's old. They are doing really well. Also Mot is doing great. Our job this week was mainly to make nice pictures and make sure that the puppies and Mot got all what they wanted. This coming week (before day ten, new rule by the KC) we have to send our puppy names the to the Kennel Club . Of course we think we have managed again to find ten lovely Italian names for these sweeties. Now we only have to wait until the Kennel Club employee will come when the puppies are 5-7 weeks old to give them a identify chip so we can connect the names together to the puppies. We put our daily reports and pictures of the litter on multiple pages, Ala D'Oro Puppy Update! We are now at WEEK 1. Go to Ala D'Oro Puppy Update and make a choice with week you want to see!

17-01-2010The puppies of Mot and Baldo are born! We have 10 puppies, it all went well. Mother and children are doing really well. We have to work hard now to provide the information about this litter to all people on our waitinglist. Of course it will be possible to follow up this litter. Just as what we have done with previous litters we have put a special puppy page on th einternet. We will put here our daily reports and pictures of the litter for you to follow. We call this page, Ala D'Oro Puppy Update! For our friends abroad there is also our skype webcame with live pictures from the litterbox, just to bond already!
And be aware that every day we or others have something to report on our BLOG.

10-01-2010Despite Miuccia Prada enormous pregnant belly she is still in best limber and fit. This morning we only walked briefly in Obdam. It was just too cold, not nice at all to walk there. So this picture was taken this morning in our garden. We are really ready to say hello to "Mot's" puppies. I would say let them come!
Yesterday I have posted some new pictures again. Now a call to all owners of an Ala D'Oro bracco, "let them come the new pictures of your dog(s)" the volume of the webpage is updated again!

01-01-2010The New Year has begun! Our pregnant Miuccia Prada "Motje" is growing steadily. This picture has been taken this morning and you can see on "Mot's" belly that it is only two weeks to await the birth of her puppies. In the meantime you can see at our website the first new photo's that owners from Ala D'Oro kennel have sent to us. I'm pretty busy with this so check regularly for new updates. Also new on our page, Stephanie's report about Mariotto hunting day in Germany.


20-12-2010All Ala D'Oro friends and fan's Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

18-12-2010Miuccia Prada & Mia Carmen

29-11-2010Great success at the Amsterdam Winner

Hunting in Italy , Jaap, Arjan en Salvatore

13-11-10 Miuccia Prada di Ala d'Oro

01-10-10 Bianco Rosso "Barbie"

15-10-10 Peppino and Minotti di Ala D'Oro

01-10-10 Puppies in Denmark from Bambaia di Ala D'Oro

23-09-10 Gabbana di Ala D'Oro (1998-2010)

28-08-10 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro will be grandother again!

01-08-10 Bambaia di Ala D'Oro mated and pregnant!

12-07-2010 Mariotto, Mia en Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro

Rubella Vittoria di Ala D'Oro, Solo Una di Ala D'Oro, Delaney, Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro en Coccinella di Ala D'Oro

24-06-2010 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro in Toscane

Tre cime di Lavaredo
Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro

Whitsun 2010 Zuidermeer
Gabbana, Gucci, Laura Biagiotti, Miuccia Prada, Mariotto, Maranzano, Mia Carmen, Bice

Ascension 2010 in Zuidermeer
fltr. Mia Carmen, Bice, Gabbana, Missoni
di Ala D'Oro

Spring 2010 in Zuidermeer
Mia Carmen & Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro

28-03- 2010 European Champion 2000, Dutch Champion
International Champion, Italian Champion, ENCI Champion 2000. Nebbia Gucci di Ala D'Oro

22-03- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 9 weekse old!

15-03- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 8 weekse old!

08-03- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 7 weekse old!

01-03- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 6 weekse old!

22-02- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 5 weekse old, Mia Carmen on photo!

08-02- 2010 Ala D'Oro puppies 3 weekse old!

7-01- 2010 Ten Ala D'Oro puppies born week

01-01- 2010 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro pregnant and only 5-6 away from delivering!

01-01- 2010 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro pregnant!
Di Ala D'Oro- Muller / Steffens