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News Page 2012

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11-12-2012Yesterday we took Balda to the vet for an ultra sound to see if she is pregnant and yes, she is pregnant! Puppies will be born 14 of January 2012.
Just back from Italy. We took a group of Ala D'Oro friends with us. In Italy we compete in field trail and and International show. All dogs have been rewarded with qualifications at the field trail and also at the show, so we came back with great results. In the evening when the dogs where resting the owner's went to Italian friends to eat and drink and have fun. Our Dutch Sinterklaas birthday even has been celebrated, it was one big festival.

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18-11-2012Last week we have been in Italy to get a mating done with our Balda. Now we only have to wait 3 weeks before we can do the ultra sound to see if she is pregnant. If you are interested in a puppy, feel fee to contact us. Although it was just a short visit to Italy we have done a lot. Of course there were the visits to the male but on top of that we have hunt one day for pheasant and train the dogs one day with quail. We had four bracchi with us; Balda, Mia, Miuccia and Sebastiana. Of course Krekel went with us too. Family La Spada thanks again for the hospitality, we thank you very much BIG friends! More curious about us, then follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

03-11-2012The hunting ability test we organized 27-10-2012 was a success. It was special for us because this time we had invited also members of the Dutch Bracco and Spinone Club. Please take a look at the pictures.Next year we hope to organize a fieldtrail special and only for the Spinone and Bracco. And it would be great if it would be an official one. Last but not least we have to let you know that we will visit Italy next week, lovely Balda will be mated with a great brown Italian boy! If all goes well their puppies will be born in the second week of Januari 2013. As soon the pregnancy test is positive we will put all informatio on our webpage. If you are interrested in a puppy, feel fee to contact us. More curious about us, then follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

15-10-2012Back from Scotland, where we had the most wonderful time. We thank June and Hugh for their friendship and hospitality. Our girl Salia has left behind with our Scottish friend and yesterdays update told us that she is already doing really well. Scotland is very beautiful so this time we have made a photo report, feel free to take a look. Last week we have received many photo's from Ala D'Oro dog owners all around the World. We love it when we get photo's! If you want to see them, just visit the photo page. Some Show news, last weekend Mia Carmen and Fabrizio Bettino visit the International dog show in Zwolle, they became Best Female and Male. Curious about us, then follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

03-10-2012Today we leave for Scotland. We going to enjoy nature, hunting with great company. Of course we also take some of our dogs with us. Last week we have been busy. We spend time on training our dogs and entering shows. The results are great, Fabrizio is now Dutch Youth Champion. Mia Carmen became BOB in Maastricht and was selected among the 6 best dogs from group 7, this time no placement but not a bad result at all since this was Mia's first CACIB show she etered in Holland. The Hunting Ability Test 2012 has been organised. Ala D'Oro dog owners have untill the 17 October to send us a entryform by e-mail. We prommisse that it wil be a success, looking forard to see you! Click here to read all about the conditions to enter. Curious about us, then follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

18-09-2012In the last few weeks time has past so fast. Pupppies went to their new owners. Our visits to the dog shows in Almaar and Zwolle with our dogs were a success. Our Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro became BOB in Alkmaar and in the ring of honor the judge placed him with the first six dog in group 7. Also excellent results at the Bracco Italiano and Spinone (VISJ) Championship Club match in Zwolle. Soon we hope to get some more show pictures and we will them on our webpage. At our BLOG you could read about the death of our sweet old girlfriend Nebbia Gucci di Ala D'Oro. We want to thank again all people who called or send us sweet cards and e-mails. Also follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

20-08-2012 Our puppies are today 10 weeks old. We still have Eduardo Fendi di Ala D'Oro, Salia Morgana di Ala D'Oro and Mario Bellini di Ala D'Oro at home. It is a shame but we have been off line for more then one and half week because our computer crasshed. Lucky this timeI did not loose much pictures, only our e-mail file has been lost (again). I have now decide that I have to find a solution for this, we have to change our -mail account so if "we" crass again it will all be stored at our server. Well, I have been very busy today. Our webpage needed some update. I finished the reports about our two trips to Italy (in June and August) and our short trip to Denmark. The puppy page was placed and I also placed new photo's send by different Ala D'Oro dog owners. September is for us an important dog show month. We hope to get some good results!

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30-07-2012All in the sign of our puppies. Toady they are seven weeks old. Our Italian companions are in Holland at this moment to make their choice, when they are ready then all other future puppy owners will know what puppy will come to live with them. Last weekend the puppies did the puppy test. And of course they all passed the test! Thanks again to everybody who have helped us to make the puppy test one big dog party! This litter has showed us their best behavior, all very social and sweet. All have lovely open characters. The hunting test was in some cases an eye opener. One of the girls came out as best and most fanatic huntgdog. The owners of at least seven out of nine puppies planed to go and work with their dog. A good thing for our kennel. Now we just have to wait and see if they can make this great expectations come true. On the page PUPPY NEWS WEEK 8 you can see the photo's that we have posted. Also follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

24-07-2012Mia's children are now six weeks old. We have been busy with the pups over the past weeks. For example, we have been busy to get these puppies to be even more housetrained. And our hard work pay of. During the daytime they are eager go outside to pee. They already didn't want to defecate within the house, so now we just go on like we do. But we also went out for a ride in the car, even got shopping with the pups and of course had great time in the garden. The pups had daily nice visitors. Again today! It was about time to include a new photo on this page! On the page PUPPY NEWS WEEK 7 you can see the photo's that we have posted today, personal pictures of them all with their names included. Taken personal pictures of them all is always a very time-consuming happening, but it was successful. Have fun looking at the pictures. Also follow our Ala D'Oro BLOG

17-07-2012 MIA's children are now five weeks old. Two more weeks and then the puppy test is done. We are pretty curious about the results. There are three puppies from this litter that stay in the Netherlands, one male is still looking for a home. The other pups go to in Denmark, Italy, America, Scotland and Belgium. Most puppies have found work and show homes. Of course, we hope to convince the owner who do not yet have this in mind, to get started with some hunting and show training. In the past, we where often successful with doing this. And funny enough you'll see that this will be the most fanatical owners later. Of course the puppy it self will help, not strange with so many wonderful work and show champions in pedigree, owners just need to encouraged the upcoming talents. PUPPY NEWS WEEK 7 is active! More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

09-0-2012 Mia's children grow fast. Only a few weeks and they will already spread their wings and leave our house. Last week we have been busy with the puppies and the visitors. This week it wil be even more busy and we like it! Last weekend also "Mose" and his family visit us. He and his brother "Daan" have been playing like crazy dogs all day long. Stephanie was also here, she and Jaap went out hunting on the Saterday. Stephanie was succesfull on the fox! Well done Steef. Well we have some new photo's on the BLOG. Of course there is a new page ready, PUPPY NEWS WEEK 5 is active! More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

26-06-2012 "Mot" and her brothers and sister have their 8th birthday today. Congratulations to all! Last weekend we were invited at the Stannamore family day. Its was a very nice day! Here all is well the puppies grow perfectly and Mia is in Top-condition, follow PUPPY NEWS WEEK 3. Our Balda who lives with Tineke has entered her first hunting test together with Stephanie. Balda did very well and won third price, we are proud on you Stephanie! Mariotto have received last weekend the trophy from the Hubertus society for Best Field Trial dog 2011. We are waiting for photo, as soon we have it we will put it on the web. More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

21-06-2012 On the page PUPPY NEWS you can follow closely our Ala D'Oro pups for the next 8 weeks. Our kennel has also recently a page on facebook. It would be nice if you have viewed the page you click "I like it"! Yesterday our Gucci had her birthday, we normally do nothing to birthdays but this time we have made an exception. Gucci has enjoyed her day. Future owners came to visit the puppies, Mia was sweet. There are wonderful pictures made. Saturday our kennel is invited to the Stannamore family day, we will give a hunting demonstration. Of course we arranged an experienced babysitter for Mia and the puppies. Thanks Ma! More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

14-06-2012Ala D'Oro puppies are born! Nine lovely puppies where born the 11th June 2012. We are so very happy all went well. Mia and her nine children are doing great. Like always we started the puppy news webpage where you can read daily about the puppies adventures and see the pictures that made, go to the main page, from here you can go to all active puppy news week pages.

10-06-2012Our Balda and Mose where present at the International dog show in Tilburg. Our dogs did great, we had Best Female and Best Male and of course Best of Breed. In the ring of honour our start couple became BIS! It was a very lovely day among nice people. Looking forward to our next show. More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

05-06-2012 Dog Club Hoorn (KCWF) organized with the Dutch Kennel Club the "Day of the Dog". Ala D'Oro kennel was asked to arrange a hunting demonstration for the public. Of course we accepted their invitation. We had a great day, amongst many new and old friends. Of course pictures where made. For the people who want to meet up with us, next weekend we compete at the International dog show in Tilburg. And the hunting association J.H.S. St .Hubertus at Den Haag has declared that Mariotto di Ala D'Oro has won the 2011 trophy for the dog that has won most points at field trails. Well done Mauro and Stephanie! More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

18-05-2012 At the show Hund und Heimthier in Dortmund were, Coccinella, Fabrizio Bettino,Bramare Bice and Miuccia Prada present for di Ala D'Oro kennel. Fabrizio di Ala D'Oro Bettino "Mose" made with his 11 month very much impression on the breed judge. He was therefore convinced chosen as Best of Breed! In the ring of honour his beautiful gait was even better reflected on the judge. The FCI Group7 judge therefore placed him on a beautiful second place in this big huntingdogs group. Meanwhile, Emiliana di Ala D'Oro In Italy ran her first field trail with great success. She was rewarded with a 5th Very Good, we are so proud! More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

06-05-2012After a very happy, full and long life Salvatore di Ala D'Oro has died yesterday. Salvatore was born at 6 July 2001, from the combination Gabbana di Ala D'Oro X Burt. We wish Peter and Pam and of course their children much strenght with the lost of their best friend.
05-05-2012Hello friends in Germany! We want to let you know that next week we will be at the dogshow
in Dortmund with four of our dogs. Two of our young dogs will e here to enter an International show for the first time. As you understand we are very curious what the judge will think of them. We are looking forward to this show. Soon so a report on our experiences on this show.

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22-04-2012New pages on webpage!

15-04-2012Jaap and Stephanie are back from Italy, they have been gone for a whole week! This time our three dogs Mia Carmen, Balda and Miuccia Prada where selected to go to Italy. Mia Carmen had an important appointment in Italy. She has successfully been mated with "Caronte" a beautiful orange male. With a little luck we will have in the middle of June lovely puppies from this combination. There was enough time left to work the dogs during this visit. Bald and Miuccia Prada showed good work. Balda is a clone of our "Mot", that promise something good.
More Ala D'Oro news on our BLOG

30-03-2012We have a great time in Italy. We have explored the area around the house a little more and took many pictures of lovely places. We also have good opportunities to train with our dogs, hunt and to enter the field trails. The situation in the fields is not easy at this moment. In some parts it is very dry in others to wet. Our girls did wonderful, two field trails and with maximum results. Four qualifications! Today another good day so we will go out in the fields for some training with Bramare Bice, Sebastiana Bruna and Emiliana Brunella. The owner of Emiliana will also come with us. For Mia Carmen and Miuccia Prada it is a fun day since they can search for the birds the puppies are certainly going to flusch.

21-03-2012Last weekend we had a visitor. Lisbeth was here in the Netherlands to refuel and of course to train together with her dog and Jaap. Lisbeth and Coccinella are starting to become real profs at field work area. In Italy Lisbeth already has achieved several field work qualifications with Coccinella. We now recommend her to compete this season at the Danish field trails competitions. To show how a Bracco Italiano has to move in the fields, in trot and with due speed. Next week our friend Klara comes to stay with us for a week. Klara then goes to get started with one of our puppies, some obedience exercises can not hurt Sebastiana! We have new pictures posted on the page, curious? go to update photo.

17-02-2012Yesterday evening, with tremendous sadness we had to decide unexpectedly to let go of our dear Prima Donna "Pebles". Prima Donna "Pebles" was born in our house in 1999 from the combination Bice X Felice Anno Nuovo. Prima Donna Pebles has performed extremely well during her life in the hunting fields. She was even the first bred dog (outside Italy) that was rewarded with a qualification 1e Excellent during a SABI field trail contest. Prima Donna was the perfect practice hunting dog, until recently Jaap took her with him when he went out hunting for ducks with much enthusiasm. Pebles was a super sweet dog, always cheerful, loving, very sweet to everybody and a great aunt and playmate for the pups that are born with us. It goes without saying that we are going to miss this dear friend very much.Visit our BLOG

04-02-2012February and the winter in the Netherlands finally has started. For us it means that this is the excellent time to get the puppies started with some tracking. One big advantage is that we can do this kind of training very close to our home. Of course we are also in exciting awaiting for the moment that our Mia Carmen becomes in season, when time is there she will be covered by a white orange very well- functioning and extremely typical Bracco male. In our eyes a splendour mach that meets all our demands. Our vision to avoid line breed combinations is well appreciated in the Bracco World. So with again a total out cross combination we got the opportunity to place some interesting Bracco enthusiasts on our puppy waiting list. Visit our BLOG

January, we try to keep us to our good intentions. One of the good intentions was that we would do even more cool stuff. It works nice! In the weekend we train with our young dogs, also yesterday. We went into the fields and had a wonderful day. Our young dogs found time and time again very easily the quails in the fields. This time all participants got homework, this is the time to demand more obedience from our youngsters. Of course we will work hard on that next week. Today I am at home, actually, I would go for a walk with the Bracco Club today, but this morning I figured out that it was high time to update our Web page. There are adjustments on the following pages, Update Photo, Our Dogs and Ala D'Oro Results. If you want to follow our kennel even more, visit our BLOG

The New Year has begun and as it should be we look back with you on all the good things of 2011. There were the great performance of our young lady Mia Carmen begin 2011, during an Italian field contest she did excellent, that proved to us that she really ready for more contest's. Now we know hat Mia Carmen lived up to the expectations, she has won several field qualifications, all of excellent quality. The intention is there to breed with Mia Carmen as soon she will be in season. We have will travel to Italy with her for the mating. We have found a beautiful (working) Italian male and followed him for a while. Of course this year we will also visit show's and field tails in 2012 with Mia Carmen. Mia Carmen's mother Miuccia Prada, have seen this past year many of her children and grandchildren glistening in the show and at field trails. She herself is in also still in top condition, in November 2011 she showed us all when she was BOS and got the Winner title in Amsterdam. And in 2011 there were also a large number of excellent field trail qualifications for Miuccia Prada. Our intentions for Miuccia Prada in 2012 is to increase the beautiful hunting days with her and of course we will visit now and then a show and field trail. The year 2011 was the year of Mariotto, along with Stephanie, he proved to be a top model on show and hunting area. KNJV s, multiple field trails qualifications and a HGP diploma were beautiful rewards. Also in 2012 Mariotto will be at the scene again. Although Laura Biagiotti did not vist much field trails and shows last year, we think that she has been the most discussed Ala d'Oro in the Dutch Bracco scene. On the Championship club match of the Bracco Italiano Club (VISJ) she was elected Best Bracco Italiano bitch by Italian breed specialist, Mr Manfroni, in 2012 Laura Biagiotti will be a gide for our now 7 months old puppies, so they become the next generation Ala D'Oro hunting dogs. And with a little luck, in March 2012 we will celebrate Laura's 10th anniversary. The Bracco Italiano is no WIMP, our almost thirteen year old Prima Donna has showed that to everybody. Prima Donna recovered last year when she broke her acetabulum. Our opinion is that in a healthy, happy pack of dogs it is good to have old dogs. Our Prima Donna and Gucci have shown in 2011 that despite their high age they still have a happy life in our Pack. They are both invaluable, both we and the dogs enjoy daily from the love that these oldies give us. So now we come to the moment we talk the birth of Miuccia and Argo's puppies in the summer of 2011. The puppies are doing all well. Of course we have kept puppies from this litter ourselves. "Daan", "Bram" and "Bas" have the pleasure to grow up in our Pac. "Mose"is lucky to be with co-owners Michel and Debby. When it happen what we are hoping for many of these puppies will do well on the shows and field trail competitions in the future. In 2011 we where travelling a lot with the dogs. We were regularly find abroad, Italy, Denmark, Germany and France were visited. Our intention for 2012 is to especially keep this pattern going. The year 2011 was crowded, our intention for 2012 is, therefore, to slow down a little, especially at our job ;-)

We wish you a happy and healthy 2012!

11-12-2012 Ala D'Oro Show and Field Trail success

18-11-2012 Marcellina di Ala d'Oro "Sadie" in the USA

03-11-2012 Stefania Antonella di Ala d'Oro in the USA

15-10-2012 Marco Piva di Ala d'Oro

03-10-2012 Fabrizio Bettino di Ala d'Oro
Dutch Youth Champion

Mia Carmen di Ala d'Oro + kids

20-08-2012 Ala D'Oro Puppies have fun in the garden!

30-07-2012 Ala D'Oro Puppies seven weeks old

24-07-2012 Ala D'Oro Puppies six weeks old

Mariotto di Ala D'Oro & Stephanie Turion

BOB Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro "Mose"

† 05 Mei 2012 - Salvatore di Ala D'Oro

15-04-2012 Mia Carmen in awaiting of her Bracco puppies

30-03-2012 Tina with Bramare Bice di Ala D'Oro

21-03-2012 Lisbeth & Coccinella di Ala D'Oro

30-04-1999 ~ 16-02-2012 Prima Donna di Ala D'Oro
National and International Champion

04-02-2012 Mia Carmen, Bramare Bice en Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro

15-01-2012 Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro

02-01-2012 Jaap, Bramare, Laura and Mia at Hargen!

01-01-2012 Toekomst met Nevio "Daan" di Ala d'Oro
(7 mnd oud)

Di Ala D'Oro- Muller / Steffens