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30-12-2019 Another day and then 2019 is history. Just quickly some news from the nearly "old-year". On December 21 the 130th Winner Show was organized, for the first time in 130 years it was named Christmas Winner and Amsterdam was forced exchanged for Gorinchem. We had Raffaele and Sebastiana along, there was Steef with Ambrogio. Danish judge was impressed by Raffaele (Bes), she repeated several times that she really was the best of the day but was disappointed quite a bit that Bes was not handeld well in the show ring... Fortunately she desided to award Bes with Best Bitch, two Championship points and Bes, who is indeed inexperienced at shows, obtain the title 2019 Winster. Sebastiana won the title Veteran Winster 2019 and got Best Veteran. Ambrogio got the Reserve CAC CACIB and got the two shifted championship points. A great show day for us! We have PUPPY NEWS, click here>>> Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

12-12-2019 On December 11, our dear "Duffy" gave birth to her puppies. Upcoming period we will try to post daily a report on the web with some pictures. The puppy page is easily found under PUPPY NEWS if you want to take an instant look. At this moment we start up page PUPPY NEWS but there are already some other active pages with pictures and reports. Meanwhile, we have called all the people who we had on our list. This brought joy but also some disappointment because we had more people on the list than we have puppies. In about two and a half weeks "strangers" are welcome to visit our home. Then it is done with our quiet time. We now ready to enjoy our (read Duffy X Oren) babies.

17-11-2019 We have visit the veterinarian with our "Duffy" Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro to do an ultra sound to she if she is carrying. We are very happy with the news that she is pregnant. Around December 10, we expect puppies from her. From what we saw in the ultra sound, a large litter is expected. Now another few weeks of patience. Meanwhile, we take our preparations. All aranged all our vacation and days off so that we will be home all the time, until the puppy's are eight weeks old. Of course, also this time we have made a puppy page. You can visit the page, click here>>>
We will put our experiences and photo's at this puppy page, to share with the rest of the World. In the picture you see Duffy, photo made yesterday, she was 39 days pregnant and must still maintain for about 24 days. We think Duffy shows her pretty belly well.

23-10-2019 Last weekend was the VISJ Fieldwork Contest. Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro had a great course and showed how good her nose is. The point was neat, nothing to to criticize. Duffy Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro had a nice-course, she also came to point, her bird took off because of a little too low head position in this short grasslands, but happily it did not go on the wings. She managed to secure the game eventually. The field judge PA Gudmundsson thought Edda had a flawless turn and rewarded her with the highest score, 10 points. She became the day winner! Duffy got 9 points, she became 2nd of the day. Duffy has obtain the club title VISJ Bello & Bravo 2019 she got the highest combined points in show and trail. Besides Edda and Duffy five of our dogs entered the field trail. Something we are very proud of. Click here for a photo impression of the day>>>. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

10-10-2019Our "Duffy" Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro is mated by "Oren" Calabrone Aladoro. Click on the picture for more information about this beautiful combination. If all goes well we know about four weeks if Duffy is actually pregnant. For now it looks good. Ten days ago we were with Oren, Brogio and Bess to the veterinary practice in Enkhuizen to make HD and ED photos. This week we got the good results and we are very pleased and proud. We thank Veterinarian Lub for her expertise and the high quality of the photos they always make. Also a compliment to her husband who is her solid assistant in radiography. We have more people to thank, also a big compliment for a Kennel Club employee. "Bas" Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro did not receive a message about her official Club Winner title, which she won on 25 May 2019. Also we received no invitation to the Top Dog of the Year Show 2019. After some research by the friendly Kennel Club employee, she found that "Bas" results and official title were not at all submitted. The Kennel Club empoyee did her very best to solf all the mistakes made by the BIC. We are still waiting for a sincere apology from the BIC secretary, but do not think it's coming. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

26-08-2019Today we went to the veterinarian with Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro to make an ultra sound to see if she is pregnant. We are sorry to let you know that she is not pregnant. Very disappointing, but also no reason to be depressed. Next time we will try again. Now we can concentrate on new plans some nice holiday's, travel to nice and interesting places, since we now have some spare time left. At the picture you see Stephanie with Ambrogio da Fendi di Ala D'Oro. They participate last Sunday at the SJP hunting test. It was the first time for Ambrodgio to enter this test. Stephanie told us that they did not obtain the C diploma but he did really well and got very high points for the parts he was participating. We of course are very proud that both him and Stephanie did so well in this test. Ambrogio "Brogio" is now 16 month old. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

05-08-2019As you can see our webpage is visable, the problems are solved. Also our email address can be reached again. It took some time but we are happy about that! Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro has been mated by Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro. If you want more information about this combination. UPDATE Edda is not pregnant. We have celebrated some beautiful victories with our dogs over the past few months witch we are proud to share with you. Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro won at the clubbmatch of the Dutch Association of Italian Pointing Dogs (VISJ) the title CLUB WINNER '19. Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro won at the Bracco Italiano Club Holland, club match, the title CLUB WINNER '19. So we can say we own the two most beautyfull Bracchi 2019 in the Netherlands. They both will be invited for the prestige's Top Dog of the Year show in January 2020. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

18-05-2019 For many years now we organize Ala D'Oro hunting training. Anyone who is in possession of an Ala D'Oro can participate. There are four data planned, we look forward to see you guys again. Here in Zuidermeer is the silly season, nothing to do now the birds raise their young. Fortunately we have a nice prospect, the wait is on Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro to come in season. We for sure will mate her and have a nice combination on the eye. As soon as we have more to say about this, it's of course on our Web page. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

26-04-2019This month we have been to Italy to take part in the show and field competition, organized by the SABI. The SABI celebrates his seventieth birthday. First, it seemed that by our work schedules we both could not present, however with help from co workers changing shifts I could go . Debby wanted to keep me company on this trip. After to have picked up first Salvatore we went full packed towards Tuscany. We had Sebastiana and Duffy registered for both show and field contest. This was the third anniversary of the SABI where we participated with our dogs. 1999, 2009 and now so 2019. Our two girls did just fine again this year. Sebastiana was 2nd excellent in a well-stocked champion class. Very proud of this result. The next day on the field contest Duffy worked very sophisticated on a couple of partridges, she pointed the female in the end nicely and neatly went down on my command when the Partridge fly. The judge awarded her for this wonderful work with a qualification, very good. With this result she obtain 4th place in our battalion. And although Sebastiana also did great and even fixated a couple beautiful partridges, it was this time my error that a qualification was lost. A learning moment... that sure will be included in a next field trail. On 21 april we held our Ala D'Oro family day. A super great day in Putten, soon on our page a photo report of this lovely day. Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

15-02-2019The hustle and bustle of working life makes that time flies. First a look back by last January. At the begin of January we were invited with Sebastiana to join the dog of the year Show. Unfortunately we had to cancel at the last minute. The night before we went to a restaurant and got food poisoning. We were really disapointed that we could not make it. Now we must ensure that our Bass gets another chance to represent herselves. We're going to do our best to achieve that. 20 January we were present at the hunting ability test, we saw some nice dogs working. Our Bess and Brogio took home, with flying colors, their hunting ability certificate. Brogio has also started his show career, this young man has obtain his first point for the Dutch Youth Championship. Well done Steef and Ambrogio! On 21 april this year we organize an Ala D'Oro family day. All owners of an Ala D'Oro have been invited by email. But if you did not get a email with with a invitation, just let us know. We call to the owners of an Ala D'Oro, to send beautiful pictures of your dog (s). Then we can update all the personal photo pages of the dogs. Preferably in jpg/jpeg file send to email Are you curious about even more or other Ala D'Oro kennel news? follow us on the Ala D'Oro BLOG or on our Ala D'Oro Facebook page!

08-01-2019We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!
The 13th of Januari 2019 Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro will represent our Kennel at the "Top Dog of the Year Show". We are honered that she is invited again. Well hope the judge love a dog that has excellent qualifications in field and show. For us she already is the Winner. We will tell you how it went in our next update!This year we hope to have puppy's from Edda da Dama di Ala D'Oro. As soon she is in season we will breed her to a very nice male. More information about the combination will follow. The year has just begon and already our kalender has filled up with nice events that we organize and/or attent to. Starting with the VISJ Hunting ability test the 20th of January, were we will see at least four puppy's from Duffy in action. Our Bess and Broggio are of course going, looking forward to it. Then the 21 of April we organise an Ala D'Oro Familyday. All owners of an Ala D'Oro has been invited by email. We have rented a great place were we will have fun with our dogs. If by mistake we did not invite you let us know. Send us a email,

01-01-2019 We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!














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