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News Page 2011

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17-12-2011We have had a fantastic week in Italy, together with our friends. We took four mature dogs with us, Miuccia Prada, Mia Carmen, Mariotto and Coccinella and participated in several field trails, their results where more then great. All the time and effort we have put in our dog training where rewarded in again, excellent field trail qualifications! During our stay in Italy we of course entered an International show with our dogs and got excellent results too. We have publish a report of this trip on our web page. I also have been very busy to update the result page, the Champions page and the photo pages. If you want to follow our kennel news every day, then follow also the Ala D'Oro BLOG

14-11-2011We where really busy working with the dogs last weeks. Especially for our young dog Mia Carmen and her mother "Mot" there was plenty of work. But even Laura and Gucci went with Jaap in the fields. And if that was not enough , end of October we have been in Denmark to do some training with seven children of our Miuccia Prada "Mot". We have put the photo's on the Internet today. In Denmark we saw very promising work from the dogs, it turned out to be a great trip with very nice company. We have decided to have a litter with our female Mia Carmen in spring / begin summer 2012, we have found an excellent male from Italy. In the past weeks we have had the first visitors. Several suitable future puppy owners came by to meet in person and see our dogs. Time flies, so before you know the puppies are already born.

18-10-2011The whole weekend we were busy with the dogs. Saturday, Jaap went along with Stephanie and her hunting companions to open the hunting season. Mother Miuccia Prada "Mot" and her son Mariotto Mauro were with them and presented great work. It resulted in a beautiful game tableau at the end of the day. Meanwhile Sebastiana "Bass" and I went to visit Fulgenzio di Ala D'Oro, "Fabio" and his dear family. Fabio who live almost in the woods took us for a stroll. Sunday we went to training all together. This time Mose, Bram, Daniel and Bass got lessons in retrieving, pointing and swimming. Of course we also have a photo report from that also. After working we got a great meal at Debby and Michel's house. Visit the update photo page, this last weeks we have put many new pictures on the Internet. More news, follow also our Ala D'Oro BLOG!

09-10-2011Saturday, December 17 the Ala D'Oro walk is planned. We invite all owners of an Ala D'Oro and Ala D'Oro fans and friends to come along with us. If you want to come just send us an e-mail or telephone call. Last weeks we received a lot of photos send by Ala D'Oro Bracchi owners. This made that we have picked up the camera and shoot our puppies too. All these newest pictures can be seen on the photo-page update photo. End of this year, Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro will be mated by a beautiful and well-working Italian male. Ala D'Oro kennel is now looking for a few puppy owners who want to work or show their Bracco Italiano. More curious..... always news on our BLOG!

26-09-2011Mariotto di Ala D'Oro has achieved a Hubertus certificate in Germany. I have also put up on the Internet, the photos from our September trip to Italy. Our Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro is in full training, Jaap is busy with that. They also trained in Italy again. And during our stay we have spotted an excellent Italian partner for her. Soon more news on our page about this beautiful combination. Moana Piozzi di Ala D'Oro "Nola" owned by John Callaci recently obtained the official title "AKC Champion Junior Hunting" (USA).

08-09-2011We have a BIG party today! Stephanie has studied a lot the past few months to get her hunting diploma. She passed for her written excam a few weeks earlier. Today the shooting excam was held and as expected, it was successful. We are very proud of our dear Steef. For those who have failed the excam, keep courage and...practice makes perfect ;-), see picture on the right! Other news; Last weekend it was all about the dog shows. We are happy with our results. Especially with the result from the judgement from the Bracco specialist Dr. Manfroni. He gave our females the Championship points (CAC&RCAC).

28-08-2011Good summers you will of course experience with Ala D'Oro. Last weekend we had beautiful weather, so time for the first swimming lessons. We also had some time to make a few new family portraits. On the photo on the right there are Mia, Mot, Mose, Michel, Mauro and Laura to see. The pictures of the swimming trip are on the web, go to Summer 2011. Also receive pictures of puppies who are living abroad, far far away from us. For example the pictures of Stefania and her new family. Next weekend we luckily will see (again) a lot of nice and sweet Ala D'Oro Family that live much closer to us.

14-08-2011The past week was not only busy with the pups, but also at work. So .... there was to little time to adjust the wegpage. So today I make it up to you. I have put many new pictures on the page. The pictures from our trips to Caldes (Italy) and Paris (Fance) are on the webppagina. At the page update pictures you can see that there are many new pictures of other Ala D'Oro's are submitted. And Puppy Newsweek 10 + is now active. Today there is again more photo opportunity. Klara and Missoni are here today so we can train with the puppies. Curious...... there is alway's more news on our BLOG!

This week a number of foreign owners will pick up their puppy. Then it will start to be a bit quieter in the house. Of course we keep everyone informed of the progress of our dogs.
For now, there are many new pictures on the web, look at the Update photo page.
We now know what two puppies we will keep ourselves from this litter. And we also have found great families / co-owners that will help us to bring up three puppies from this litter to the highest show and hunting level. Curious...... there is alway's more news on our BLOG!

27-07-2011Eight weeks old, time fly! New pictures are placed in Newsweek 8, and Newsweek 9

Today, six and half weeks old. The Puppy test is soon! We did not give you the report about our trip to Italy and Paris yet. Well, that will have to wait. Our puppies swallow all our time at this moment, delicious! This week they played a lot with our other dogs. Prima Donna "Pebles" likes to take all the pups under her hat in the living room. Playing together and sleeping together, I really do not know who enjoys it more, Pebles or our puppies. Today buzzing with visitors. They all told us that they found our puppies very beautiful!
Curious...... there is alway's more news on our BLOG!

Our puppies are today five weeks old. Every day we put new pictures on the Internet. At present PuppyNews week six is active. We have had visitors for the puppies almost every day. They all think that these puppies grow into nice looking Bracchi. And we agree of course! This weekend Jaap will be out with Steef and Arjan, they will meet up with friends in Paris. This weekend the World dogshow is held in Paris, that is why they go. I will stay home with my sweeties and have some more visitors.
We wish all our friends good luck at the dogshow!
Curious...... there is alway's more news on our BLOG!

Our puppies are four weeks old. Every day we put new pictures on the Internet. At present PuppyNews week five is active. Our Miuccia Prada "Mot" and her 10 puppies are doing well. This coming weeks we will really enjoy them. With a little luck, we will have good weather so we can often go outside with the puppies. This weekend there a number of new owners will come and have a peek at our puppies. Mia Carmen and Coccinella have return from Italy. They have done just fine. Soon the report will be on the Internet.
Curious...... there is alway's more news on our BLOG!

22-06-2011Puppynews week 4 is active. PUPPYNEWS
19-06-2011Miuccia Prada, "Mot" her puppies are now 18 day's old. We try to deliver daily news and photo's of these sweet puppies-
PUPPYNEWS see them in their third week.
We are very happy with the quality of the litter. It is again what we have hoped for. From this lovely litter we will pick a girl AND boy. Already looking forward to that, but just as the owners we have to wait untill they are 7 weeks old. Next week we have all kind of exciting things to do. We now enjoy our summer holiday!
Hope the weather will be better soon!

02-06-2011Miuccia Prada, our "Mot" delivered her puppies. Ten puppies. We are going to enjoy these coming weeks. Miuccia Prada "Mot" and the puppies are doing really well. From today we invite you to follow the Internet page PUPPYNEWS. For 8 weeks we will give daily news and photo's of the puppies. The Spinone Italiano and Bracco Italiano Club of Holland (VISJ) organized a championship clubshow in September. It would be nice if the experienced Italian breed specialist, Mr Manfroni, will have many dogs to approve. E-mail us for more information. On our BLOG is always news!

28-05 2011Miuccia-Prada, our "Mot" her size is enormous. Yesterday she had some pre-contractions. Today it seems to have disappeared. We really, really looking forward to the birth of these puppies. It is time that Mia gets a sisters, so she can play! Everyone is so interested in our Mot. Soon after the puppies are born we will of course give daily report at our Internet web page. I have received new pictures from a number of owners and surfing over the Internet I found some photos of Ala D'Orotjes and put them on our web page too. The Spinone Italiano and Bracco Italiano Club of Holland (VISJ) organized a championship clubshow in September. It would be nice if the experienced Italian breed specialist, Mr Manfroni, will have many dogs to approve. E-mail us for more information. On our BLOG is always news!

22-05-2011 Miuccia Prada, our "Mot" will deliver her puppies in one and half week from now. And time fly. We are so ready, let the puppies come! Last week I went up and down with my Mom to Denmark. This time we stayed with Lisbeth. Because we were there we had the change to visit a future puppy buyer. Our stay in Denmark was again nice, we had much fun. At home all goes well. Mia's holiday is over, coming weeks she will go with us into the fields! On photo you see Mariotto di Ala D'Oro "Mauro". Thanks Stephanie for the beautiful picture. "Mauro" and "Steef" had a busy week in the field, now is the time to find and shoot the Fox and Crow. At our BLOG we have placed pictures from our pregnant "Mot", click here to follow it.

29-04-2011It has been really busy last week. Lisbeth from Denmark is here for a small holiday and we have planed all kind of nice things to do with and without dogs. Last Monday we went to the Paasshow in Leeuwarden, here Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro got the Junior CAC and Res. CAC. Some of you already red the good news about the pregnancy of Miuccia Prada "Mot' on our BLOG. Now we are sure that she will have puppies because we did the ultra sound. Next week we will inform the people on our waiting list, so we can start making plans. Tomorrow it is Queens day in Holland, we will partying in the town, well….. of course after we have done some field trail training with Mia Carmen and her sister Coccinella di Ala D'Oro "Bianca". Also follow our BLOG

18-04-2011We just have to wait one week, then we know for sure. Next week we will make a ultra sound of Miuccia Prada "Mot" in order to ascertain whether she really is pregnant. Last week we both felt strongly that "Mot" is pregnant, but only an ultra sound result will give us and the people on the waiting list the guarantees that she is pregnant for sure. Well, should we get puppies, then we are looking for some enthusiastic owners who want to use their puppy in the field and at shows.
This weekend we had visitors, Belle (just two years old) and her grandparents went to Zuidermeer. Belle loves the Bracco Italiano, also she is not afraid of the camera, which of course yielded nice pictures.

03-04-2011We have visit a well build and wonderful working dog in Italy to breed with our Champion Miuccia Prada "Mot". Our visit to Italy was this time short but powerful. The plans to stay for the International field trail contest and the Spinone club match were cancelled by us at the last minute because of the warm weather. We are so excited, if all goes well we will have puppies at the end of May. In four weeks from now we do an ultra sound to see if "Mot" is prenant for sure. We have a number of people on our waiting list for this litter but we are still looking for serious owners who want to work and show with their dog. We have very high expectations of this future offspring. Also follow our BLOG, this weekend "Nola" a lovely daughter from "Mot" out of a previous litter got qualified during an AKC hunting test in the USA!

27-03-2011Next week we leave with Miuccia Prada to Italy, we have planed a wonderful combination. Of course first wait and see whether it seems to work, exciting! Last month, we have upgraded Mia's obedience skills. Not that we had something to complain about our Mia, but how obedient the dog how easier to correct the dog in the field. Recent months we have also visited a number of Ala D'Oro "puppies", among others we went to see Loreana, a full sister of Mia. It goes well with her, just like Mia, Loreana learns to be the all-round hunting dog. She does really well. The new Dutch Bracco and Spinone Italiano Club, named, Vereniging Italiaanse Staande Jachthonden (VISJ) is organizing on September 3, 2011 their first club match. We would appreciate it to see as many Ala D'Oro's entry's as possible. Soon more information about the club match!

27-02-2011Last week we experienced the third birthday of Miuccia Prada and Andor children. Congratulations to all. Well time fly. We are very busy with our garden, the dogs, the house and our work. We have started to realize our plans for our next litter, soon we will inform the people about our plans. As promised I finished the report of our lovely day's in Italy and put it on Internet. From the SABI we got an invitation to visit an information weekend that the SABI organize. They asked us to inform as much foreign people as we can so soon you will find all the info about this day's on our web page. Also we have received a lot of new pictures from owners of our dogs! Thank you all, you know it is much appreciated!

11-02-2011Last week we were back in Italy. This time we reserved time to train with our dogs in company of good friends, we took part at a field trail, which was organized by Mauro Nerviani and we took the time to participate in a national dog show. As always we have enjoyed our stay. We have to thank Nadia and Salvatore for their great company. About our dogs, we are again very satisfied with the results of our dogs. We are specially very proud of our Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro. In her first trail she walked the stars from the sky. Soon you will find a comprehensive report from our days on the webpage .
More interestig news at our BLOG, click here>>>

02-01-2011New Year has started! If all goes well Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro will restart training in the fields in a month, she will make her field trail debut in 2011. This year we also hope to make lovely trips, with and for our dogs. We plan to go to Scotland and America. And we have to keep our promise (what a punishment ;-) to visit the owners of Ala D'Oro dogs in France and Germany. Ralph Minnitte from Nevada sent us pictures from Marcellina di Ala D'Oro "Sadie" and her daughter Minnite's Alena. "Sadie" will be ten years old in July but she still goes out hunting chuckar with Ralph and his group of Bracchi on daily basis.

Want to see more news or just curious how "Ala D'Oro" is doing? Follow our BLOG, click here>>>

25-12-2011 Merry Christmas!

17-12-2011 di Ala D'Oro Excellent field trail results

14-11-2011 Michele de Lucchi "Chiara" di Ala D'Oro

18-10-2011 Hunting in the Netherlands, 2011

09-10-2011 Marcellina di Ala D'Oro Nevada USA

26-09-2011 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro obtain a HGP certificate!

08-09-2011Stephanie and Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

28-08-2011 Michel with the Ala D'Oro family!

14-08-2011 Ala D'Oro thuis!

01-08-2011 Mia Cramen & Bramare Bice diAla D'Oro

27-07-2011 Ala D'Oro puppy

16-07-2011 Ala D'Oro puppy

07-07-2011 Ala D'Oro puppy

30-06-2011 Ala D'Oro puppy

22-06-2011 Ala D'Oro puppy.

02-06-2011 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro and her puppies.

28-05-2011 Mia & Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro.

22-05-2011 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro.

29-04-2011 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro pregnant. Puppies will be born in the last week of May 2011.

18-04-2011 Belle and the Beast's
Laura Bagiotti & Prima Donna
di Ala D'Oro

27-03-2011 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

27-02-2011 Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro and Jaap

11-02-2011 Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro again Excellent!

02-01-2011 Marcellina di Ala D'Oro "Sadie" and her daughter Minnitte's Alena.

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