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News Page 2007

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30-12-2007Just such a short time after the death of Terra and Isodora we have again sad news. With pain in our hart we had to say goodbye to our Dolce and Bazza. Although we could not miss Dolce yet, our decision to put her to sleep was not a difficult one. The last day's of her live, Dolce was very ill. At the age of almost ten years Dolce died of cancer. Di Ala D'Oro kennel have to thank Dolce for many things. Her excellent performance at National en International show and field trails made our kennel where it is today, at the top. At home Dolce gave us a lot of love and happiness. We miss her so much, it is quiet in our house.
The very bad news about Bazza came to us by our shocked and broken-hearted friends Rob en Michelle. Their sweet Bazza had an accident during their daily walk. She run into a twig, witch causes internal bleedings and although Rob and Michelle directly understood that they had to hurry, her injuries were so badly that she died on her way to the vet. The sorrow about Bazza's much to early death is enormous.

02-12-2007New pictures on the webpage, yesterday we took lovely pictures from Silvestro and Miuccia Prada in Drenthe. And pictures of today, with the help of Stephanie and the (not yet ready) photo room we could take some great pictures of the dogs. Today you can see the Gabbana's pictures, soon the other pictures will been showed here.

01-12-2007Miuccia Prada "Motje" who just last week received the CACIB at the Amsterdam Winner, showed her son Silvestro today what the real work is at our hunt in Drenthe. Together with our friend Wim van Rossum we have our private hunt in the North part of Holland (Drenthe). Today it was lovely, splendid weather lots of sun no rain. "Motje already showed us in Italy and Poland that she is talented in the field. Silvestro seems to have taken over this talent from his mother, grandmother and great grand mother. His performance was so good today that although it is still a young dog Jaap will bring him to Drenthe next time.

10-11-2007We have new pictures on the webpage from birthday boy's Maranzano and Luciano but also from Mariotto and Berenice.

Today Laura's children became 3 years old. "Puppies" Congratulations!!!

07-11-2007Today the children of Motje became 1 year old! Big hugs to our birthday boy's and girls; Giacomo, Minotti, Bartolomea, Peppino, Leonardo, Mariotto, Berenice, Violetta, Bambaia and of course our own Silvestro.

25-10-2007We have start up a Ala D'Oro BLOG, from now on it is possible to read about our dogs daily stuff, although it is written only in Dutch, with our photo illustration it is possible to understand what we are talking about! If the BLOG is an success we will also start a English version.

16-10-2007Training report about Silvestro and Mariotto,

07-10-2007We have a sad message; with pain in our hart we had to say good-bye to our old friend Terra this past week. Terra the mother, grandmother and great grandmother of many National, International and European (youth) Champions reached the age of 11 1/2 years. The fact that we can enjoy the presence of Terra's two children, her grandchild and great grandchild in our house, makes our grieve bearable.

24-09-2007This weekend, Tito Pedrini "Ago"met again a son from Denmark . It was not a coincident because "Ago" stay at our house during the holidays of his owners and "Ago" lovely son "Claudius" is not living too far away. "Ago" was impressed by his "baby"

11-09-2007Bambaia di Ala D'Oro "Bambi" obtain her first youth class field trail qualification. Kim en "Bambi" congratulations!

03-09-2007Missoni di Ala D'Oro and her owner Klara shine at the clubmatch of KC Arnhem!

Little dog getting big. The puppies of "Motje" "will be ten month's old this Thursday. We have started field trail training with Silvestro and Mariotto. This Autumn these young dogs will be present at our hunt in Drenthe. This Spring the boy's will be ready for their first field trails.

From this place we want to thank everybody who contacted us about Isodora, we where touched by the nice E-mail's and calls. Thanks for your sympathize.

27-08-2007Last week was for us a very sad one. Our Isodora who we got back a few month ago died unexpected. In the short time that Isodora was in our house, she had managed to steel our harts. She have left us totaly heartbroken. We will miss her terrible.

23-08-2007Pictures from our hunting / training trip to Denmark, click here>>>

18-08-2007The first pictures from Denmark are at our webpage, but....more information and pictures will follow soon!

16-08-2007Back from Denmark where we had a great time among friends! Soon the lovely pictures will be on the Internet.

Lucky the pictures of the short visit to Finland are at the Internet, click here >>> to visit this page.

01-08-2007Isodora "Sienna's" children are doing very well on the grouse moor, according to June who is the owner and trainer of these still young dogs. She send us some pictures of them.

Back from Finland, where I had a great time visiting the puppies of the veterinarian Kirsi. Soon pictures of this trip will be on Internet.

24-07-2007Today we got very nice news from Peppino "Baggio", he obtain his obedience diploma 2. With the high amount of points he became third of his class, the judges wrote on his report that they where very satisfied by his work! Congratulations Rian, Sander and "Baggio".

22-07-2007A perfect morning at the dune. Only 15 minutes from our house we have this perfect place where we can walk our dogs is now high season summer holiday in Holland so all these nice walking area's are taken by tourist and forbidden for dogs and their owners. Lucky this morning it rained cat and dogs so tourist would not want to be in this nature. On photo Ingrid, Vlo and Silvestro.

More nice pictures of Martta's puppies, they are now 6 weeks old. Next weekend I will be in Finland to meet these doggies in person and take the puppy test.

18-07-2007We recieved nice pictures of Martta's puppies. All are doing well and looking good!

02-07-2007A new look for the webpage and some changes. Enjoy visiting the pages!

Our trip to Italy two years ago was such a big success that we decided to see if we could plan the same sort of trip where we could train with our dogs and have fun together. Well we have manage to plan a great trip for august 2007, this time we planed this together with Bianco Rosso kennel, infect this trip will be Bianco Rosso's first family day. A day where we, "Ala D'Oro friends" will be welcomed as family members of Bianco Rosso's. Only four weeks to go. Friday the 10th of August Ala D'Oro and Bianco Rosso friends from Germany, Norway, Holland, Sweden and Denmark will meet each other for a short 5 day's holiday in the beautiful Vejen and Lokken (Denmark). We have rent a nice house with a lot of space out doors and a own lake where we (18 people and 20 dogs) will stay the first three day's of our trip. Saturday and Sunday we have enter all the dogs for a International two day's dogshow in Vejen, so we will show in the morning and leave in the afternoon to the house with the lake for all round hunting training. We also will have some show ring training and there will be a swimming contest. Sunday afternoon the whole group will leave to Lokken. At Anna and Kim's farm we will spend the Sunday evening, the Monday and the Thuesday morning. Monday will try to get our dogs pointing pheasants. After a small test whit's will show us how experienced the dogs are in the field, we will split up in small groups and have separated fields to work in. We are looking forward to these day's. Now we only have to hope and pray for nice weather. At the Ala D'Oro familiedag at the 9th September, we hope to have enough expedience from this trip to plan a new trip with our Bracco friends.

The puppies of "Martta" and "Abel" in Finland are now four weeks old.

26-06-2007Today the children of our beautiful Gabbana have their 3rd birthday. Miuccia Prada, "Motje" the birthday girl, had to sit still so her photo could be taken. Children of Gabbana, have a nice birthday!

24-06-2007News from Bianco Rosso's kennel in Denmark. The beautiful brown Freccia Celeste "Fretje", could finally compete in the official working test in Denmark. Fretje and Kim gave the judges an excellent impression and had great success. They got a first Price with 44 points out of 50. working test is coming up!

This week our old friend Salvatore from (Italy) came to visit us. His family have more then 60 years experiences with Bracchi, Spinone and Segugio. They have the opportunity to hunt in the mountains of the Dolomites. After a nice diner at home we took Salvatore to our all round hunting training class. Salvatore was pleasantly surprised by the way we train our dogs for retrieving in and out the water. He asked us to come to Italy this Autumn to visit the family and train and hunt together. Of course we have except his invitation!

Tito Pedrini "Ago", came over to have a small holiday with us. "Ago" who left our house three month before, to live with Arjan and Hanneke seems to have a good time back home. His old girlfriends did not forget him and where happy to have him back. Of course he missed his new family a little, but this is not strange because Hanneke spoils him to death!

Isodora, "Sienna" adjust just fine in our house. She is here now almost three weeks, we have started to get her ready for the Dutch and Italian field trail. In our house she is excepted by the other dogs without any problems. She has a very sweet character whit's makes it easy to love her.

Martta's and "Abels" puppies are now two weeks old. Opened there eyes and ears, start to look like real Bracchi.

10-07-2007Summerrrrrrrrr, arrived in Holland! This means that this is the time to get the young dogs out swimming, some of the puppies from "Motje" came to have fun together.

Back from Scotland, Isodora di Ala D'Oro feel at home already. In the arms of her mother Gabbana who seems to help Isodora settle in into our house perfectly. Thank you June and of course Sam!

09-06-2007Yesterday eight beautiful puppies are born in Finland, six boys (three brown and three orange) and two girls (both of them are brown). Mother Martta (Heinäaron La Favola) is doing great and we just have informed the owners of father Abel (Il Cannone di Ala D'Oro) about the birth of these lovely new family members. In a few day's, at the webpage of Kirsi Kemppainen who is the owner of Martta and an veterinarian you will have the change to follow up these puppies.

28-05-2007Saturday was the day that Maranzano "Emzo" was invited to the Rai in Amsterdam. He was one of the 100 dogs who still could be elected for funniest / most nice dog of Holland 2007. The report from Stephanie, the owner of "Emzo"is placed.

27-05-2007Show result Arnhem, Best Female, Male and Best Puppy for Ala D'Oro.

20-05-2007Violetta "Valborg" and Rigmore had a great day today at the show in Norway. "Valborg" became BIG 7 and later 4e Best Puppy in Show!

Bartolomea, "Vita" and Peppino, "Baggio" received their first diploma, their swimming diploma. Yes it seems to be possible to get this kind of diploma for your dog. Well these two children of Miuccia Prada "Motje" are the first Ala d'Oro dogs that have such an diploma. Congratulations for the owners!

This weekend Fiorucci di Ala D'Oro obtain again her CAC during a show in Denmark. She also became BOB. Our partner kennel Bianco Rosso are doing great with their dogs. One of Fiorucci's puppies BiancoRosso Alessandra Sensini, in the USA have already made it to BIS puppy!
This weekend Jaap visit Kim, Anna, Freija, Fretje, Rucci en Bambi, on his way to Sweden he had enough time to enjoy their hospitality. And it was time to make plans for the future....!

The puppies of kennel Minnitte's are 8 weeks old and most of them are already gone to their new owners.

07-05-2007Again excellent news about "Valborg" Violetta di Ala D'Oro. At her second International show in Norway she became Best in Group FCI 7 and 3e Best in Show! Rigmor and Valborg..... Toppie!

Begin April, we had the pleasure to have a visitor from Finland in our house, Kirsi Kemppainen, a veterinarian who breed Bracchi and who came to make a combination with Champion Il Cannone di Ala D'Oro "Abel" and her female Heinäaron La Favola, "Martta". Well yesterday we've got the message that the ultra sound showed that "Martta" is very much pregnant. We are looking forward to the day that Martta is going to deliver these bracco baby's. We keep you up to date!

The puppies of Ralph Minnitte's kennel are now seven weeks old.

30-04-2007News from Norway, Violetta, with her pet name "Valborg" visit her first show and......she did very well, at this international dog show she became Best bracco puppy, later in the ring of honor she became Best Puppy of group FCI 7. Well done!!

The puppies of Ralph Minnitte's kennel are now six weeks old.

09-04-2007Today at the Eastershow in Leeuwarden three of Ala D'Oro dogs became DUTCH CHAMPION!

Missoni "Tosca" and Klara enter a G&G match at 31-04-2007. They obtain the GGB-Diploma with highest points of all! Well done girls, Thumb Up!

08-04-2007New pictures of Il Cannone "Abel"on the internet.
This Easter weekend we have had the pleasure to have a visitor from Finland, Kirsi Kemppainen, a veterinarian who breed Bracchi.

The puppies of Ralph Minnitte's kennel are now three weeks old. There is news on their webpage.

07-04-2007Happy Easter!

04-04-2007More pictures from Italy.

02-04-2007Back from Italy where we had a wonderful time. Two full weeks visiting friends, enter field trails and a meeting about the health condition of the Bracco Italiano. And at the end of our holiday we had the opportunity to go to the Raduno in Grazzano Visconti. We are already looking forward to our next visit to Umbria in July. But for now we have our photo's to look at.

At 16 March 2007, puppies are born in Gerlach, Nevada (USA). All eight puppies of Ralph Minnitte's kennel are orange of color.There are still puppies available.

Maranzano, "Emzo" had a very high score at a workingtest at the terrain of Hubertus, Waalsdorp. He obtain a B- diploma. Our compliments go to Emzo's owners, Stephanie and Arjan!

20-03-2007As promised, the pictures from our trip to Denmark.

18-03-2007Finaly the pictures of our great trip to Scotland are placed on the internet .
Soon the pictures of our visit to Denmark will be on internet.

Show result Groningen.

Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro one of the Five Best dogs of Group FCI 7 at the Top Dog of the Year Election 2006!
Once a year the Top Dog of the Year election is held in Holland. Only dogs who have qualified for 1e , 2e or 3e in Group are invited to attend. During the Top Dog of the Year 2006 election four dogs from our kennel where invited.

Pictures of our trip to Denmark are now on the Internet. The report and pictures from Scotland are almost ready!

Back from Denmark, and what a fun it was to be there. Together with Anna and Ingrid I had a perfect long weekend, the weather was so good and sunny that it looks like we where there in a summer holiday. Sunday we had the opportunity to go out and we even could sit on the terrace. But of course most of the time we spend home with Anna, I went over to see the puppies of Bianco Rosso's kennel. They are now in week four and doing great and look great. When the puppies are seven weeks old I will go back to Denmark to do the puppytest and I am looking forward to it already.

We have visit Leonardo. He was the last dog in Holland where we have to bring a pedigree too. The other puppies live in other country's so they are more difficult to visit on a normal evening. Next weekend I plan to visit Denmark, Germany and Norway have to wait for a little while. But now first enjoy the pictures of Leonardo.

We have visit Minotti, Peppino and Bartolomea, At the puppy page you will be able to read the latest story's from boys and girls!

At eight thirty (in the morning) we had to be in "manege Benningbroek". We promised to see my coworker Ingrid while she was invited to enter the North -Holland Championship dressage for horses. She and her handsome Friese Horse became second for dressage in her class!!

In the early afternoon it was time to train the puppies, they starting to understand what we ask from them. The sit and come are quit easy for them already. Later in the afternoon our puppies where judged by bracco specialists who came over to drawl. They saw what we have seen already, with this off springs we have again gold in our hands!

Kennel Bianco Rosso have from the litter from Fiorucci en Tito Pedrini three puppies available. All are male puppies - two brown-white and one orange-white. Mother and children are doing great! (see the pictures)

We have had some problems with our computer. That is why we are a little behind with the news but here it is.

Excellent news! Ten puppies out of Fiorucci en Tito Pedrini are born in Denmark. Mother and children are doing great!

Kennel BiancoRosso har fået et kuld hvalpe fra den dejlige kombination Fiorucci di Ala D’Oro og Tito Pedrini di Ala D’Oro!

Our own puppy's will be 12 weeks old next Tuesday . We will visit all puppies that stayed in Holland these coming weeks to see how they are doing. We started with the visit to Giacomo last Thursday, his owners are happy with the little boy and Giacomo behaved like he was very happy with his owners! At the puppy page you will be able to see the latest pictures from boys and girls!

Just back from our trip to Scotland, I promised you a report about the trip but at this moment I cannot find the time to finish this report. So, you have to wait a little for it will be on Internet. We are so lucky because we already making new plans for our next trip to Scotland. And even before we go to Scotland this summer, we will have two weeks in Italy to enjoy the lovely spring with our friends at the Italian Riviera!

Show result: Eindhoven

The storm from last Friday has caused a little damage to our house and garden. Many threes has fall down in our small village and even one in our garden had to removed before collapse. The fire department came to help us. Thanks boy's!

Happy New Year! On picture: Jaap with Ago - who is just back from Denmark.

Dolce 23-03-1998
† 26-12-2007

01-12-2007 Silvestro, Jaap and "Motje" in Drenthe

07-11-2007 Happy Birthday! Picture December 2006

16-10-2007 Mariotto en Silvestro


Tito Pedrini di Ala D'Oro and BiancoRosso Alberto Braglia

Silvestro di Ala D'Oro

Isodora † 23-08-2007

Kirsi with her dogs, Finland

Verona en Giseppe on grouse moor, Scotland

A lot of rain but as long we have fun, it does not mind!

Things are working out for "Fretje" in Denmarks working test.

Tito Pedrini, "Ago" and Isodora "Sienna" in training class.

Isodora in the arms of her mother Gabbana

Maranzano "Emzo" with his owner Stephanie who thinks that he is the funniest / most nice dog in Holland.


Stephanie who helped Martin Gaus (a VIP) from Holland to recognize the Bracco.

Swimming diploma for Vita and Baggio (at the back)

Jaap en Kim

The winner "Valborg"

Missoni "Tosca" proud behind her Thump-Up

Jaap, "Abel", "Martha" and Kirsi.

Puppies now three weeks old in Minnitte's kennel, USA

Ingrid and her lovely young Friese stallion, they won today second place at the Noord-Hollandse dressage championship! Well done Inkie!!

Our trip to Scotland was great!

The fire department came to help us. Thanks boy's!

Jaap with Ago

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