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News Page 2013

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23-12-2013As you probably already understand we have kept Mio Amore di Ala D'Oro from this litter. Just as Mariotto did 6 years ago, Amore will be living with his Ala D'Oro co-owners Stephanie and Arjan Turion. We are convinced that they will help Amore to develop into a great and stable all round hunting dog. Of course we will show Amore in the show ring too. At this moment Amore is visiting our good friends in Italy.
We also want you to know that our male that was available has found his new family. We were waiting for owners that would work and show this lovely male and we are happy to let you know we succeed finding such a great family.
Mia Carmen and Creonte gave us lovely puppies. It is so nice that we can look back on great nine weeks. We now will wait patiently for the pictures the owners have promise to send to us. So now the only thing we have to do at this moment is to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
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15-12-2013The puppies just turned 8 weeks old, some of them left our house. Well we have had eight great weeks with Mia Carmen and her children. Now the new owners have to develop these puppies into good hunting dogs. Of course we have found serious people who want to bring some of Mia's children to the dogshows too. So it will not take a long time to hear again from these lovely baby's. At this moment we have three puppies left in our house, one male is still looking for a serious and lovely family. Puppy news page is still updated. Week 9 puppy news is active. Today the Amsterdam Winner show was held we entered Fabrizio and Bramare. Both got the reserve CAC CACIB. For Bramare it means she won another championship point. One to go! Visit the Ala D'Oro Result page, click here>>> Are you curious for more news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

08-12-2013The puppies are 7 weeks old. This weekend our puppies needed to undergo the puppy Campbell test and Puppy hunting ability and intelligent test. This time we had help from Janneke with the Campbell test. Jan made some pictures. The hunting ability / intelligent test was done by Tina, photo's are from Stephanie and Oscar. We have put some of them already on the puppy's personal pages. Tomorrow the puppies will visit the veterinarian for their second check up. Some of them will cross some borders so they need a complete pet passport. There is almost not enough time in a day, we have to hurry with finishing the puppy books. With all the visitors we have had past week it was not easy to work on the book. Next weekend our baby's will leave home. Not looking forward to that at this moment. The puppies are so very cute. Week 8 puppy news is active. Are you curious for more news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

02-12-2013This week I have some extra day's off. I already know I will spend most of my free time with my puppies! They are now six weeks old. Coming weekend we will do the puppy Campbell and hunting ability test. Only two weeks to go before our sweeties will leave home. We have found perfect owners who want to have a sweet pet and want to show and/or hunt with them. But we have one male puppy available from this litter, so we are looking for one other serious owner. If you think you can handle a Ala D'Oro puppy, just call or e-mail. The puppy news page has been updated. It was not easy to do this because my computer hard disk crashed. But week 7 puppy news is active. Because of the delay in the updates it is worth while to take a look at the pictures on week six too . Are you curious for more news, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

19-11-2013Back from Denmark! Lisbeth and I had organized a training weekend in Denmark. Click for the pictures>>> It was about time to see Lisbeth again, normally we see each other every two month's. Of course it was also great to be back in Denmark and see the puppies of Mia and Miuccia working so well. I took Daan and Laura to Denmark. I am happy to say that I think Daan is now ready to enter the field trails in Italy. He has worked very concentrated and so in control. Jaap did really well at obedience training with Daan and I take the profit of it at this moment! Well it was a shame Jaap could not come himself to work Daan but Jaap is not recovered yet and also Mia and... our puppies still need our attention too. Jaap has been looked after well while I was gone. Jaap had some help from Stephanie, Merel and Tineke. Mia's pups are today 4 weeks and 4 day's old. I have to excuse myself for the low amount of updates last couple of days. I try to make up for that. The pictures I have put on are made by Stephanie. Week five is now active. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

12-11-2013Mia's pups are today 3,5 weeks old. It was about time to do their first photo shoot. As allways there are some pups that want to model and some that don't. On photo our top model of today a sweet orange female. As you already know we try to put new pictures on our webpage every day. Week 4 is active at this moment. Click here to visit the page! Well we had a few doggy birthdays this month's. The children of Laura Biagiotto di Ala D'Oro had their birthday at 10th November, they became 9 years old. And the children of Miuccia Prada, born on the 7th of November had their birthday, 7 years old for these babies, time fly! And now some sad news. After a very happy, full and long life "Hugo" Mascalzone di Ala D'Oro has died last wednesday. Mascalzone was born at 29 January 2001. We wish Geert and Francien and of course their children much strenght with the lost of their best friend. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

29-10-2013Eleven days old they are today, our puppies from Mia and Creonte. As you come to expect from us we are places (almost) daily new pictures on our puppy news page.To make the system not too slow, we create one new page for each week. Click here to visit the first and/or second page!
We hope this week to take pictures of the pups with their eyes open!
We very much
looking forward to our next trip. In two weeks we go with a large group of Ala D'Oro dogs and their owners to Denmark. We provide together with Lisbeth (again) a sports training weekend. All aspects for educating an all round hunting dog are going to be discussed. Like previous times there will probably be a lot of pictures so that those who we leave behind will miss as little as possible.
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19-10-2013Yesterday Creonte and Mia's pups were born. As you come to expect from us, we of course have created a puppy news page for this litter. So you can enjoy together with us the next eight weeks in our puppies lives. Click here to visit the puppy news page. Of course it is not only puppy news at our webpage, we are also pleased and proud to announce that Balda has taken her last show point in Zwolle and she became Dutch Champion. It is also well worth to visit the page update photo. We placed many new photos from Ala D'Oro dogs. Click here to visit our update photo page. And last but not least we had organized a meeting with children of Balda and Piper three weeks ago. They are now 10 months old. A whole weekend together hunting training and participate a real duck hunt. Of course we have taken pictures! Click here to visit the extra page>>> . Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

30-09-2013Last weekend we enter our dogs in the International dog show in Maastricht. For the first time they organized two shows in one weekend. For us a good reason to book a nice hotel so we did not need to drive home after the first day show. We entered our dogs "Bas" Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro, "Mose" Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro and "Krekel" Pedro for both day's. Of course the CO-owners of "Mose" Michel en Debby came with us. Our dogs did really well on both day, and got excellent reports form the judges. Our kennel obtain both day Best Female and Best Male, not bad! And we are very happy and proud that "Bas" scored her last championship point so now we can call her Dutch Champion. "Mose" presented himself perfect as always, he was placed both day above "Bas" as BOB. Sunday he was selected with the last 6 dogs in FCI group 7. Our "Krekel" was 2 time first in youth class, by two German judges. It was a very nice weekend, went for a lovely diner and enjoy the luxury hotel. At home we where not missed, my Mom took good care of the dogs. Our Mia who is very pregnant has been extra spoiled by our sweet dog sitter! Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

10-09-2013 Last two month have been busy at Ala D'Oro Kennel. We have been traveling to Italy again. Now with Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro, she was mated with a lovely male from the Italian di Ravanaga Kennel. We hope we have puppies from her in the middle of October. We are looking forward to this litter. Beside that we have been busy with our young dogs to get them in shape for the trails and of course to take them out hunting. In the meanwhile we have received a lot of good news from our puppy owners. Specially the children of Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro (previous litter) are doing very well. Antonio Citterio di Ala D'Oro who lives in Italy with his father has won time after time, during the European Championship in Geneve he even became European Youth Champion and Best of Breed! Last weekend we had the VISJ Championship Clubmatch and three off spring from Mia's entered this show. They all got an excellent report, Sergio Rossi di Ala D'Oro became Best Youth dog and later BIS Youth dog 2013. Our Dama Bianca di Ala D'Oro did also great. She became BIS puppy 2013. Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro became BIS Workingdog 2013. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

02-07-2013 We had some sun in Hungary, Scotland and last week in Italy, now we finally have sun in Zuidermeer too! Last week we had to go to Italy, a bit in a hurry. After only 5 day's in season Bramare's hormone was tested positive to meet her male in Italy. On our way up we started to doubt if this could be normal. In Italy Bramare Bice was diagnosed with a small uterus infection. For us reason not to go forward with this mating. We will wait for her next season, we drove home the next day. Driving 2600 km in three days is not so funny. The owner of the kennel of the stud is a friend so despite our bad luck we had the change to have some nice couple of hours together. And of course we meet up with our good friends in Piedmont which made the trip worth while after all. On our way home we have decided to change our mating plans for Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro, we already find a male for her and instead mating her spring 2014 we will go to the male as soon she become in season and that will be in September. So with a little luck we will have puppies at the end of 2013. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

14-06-2013 Back from Scotland, we organized a training in this beautiful country special for the puppies out of the litter of Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro X Caronte della Val Ticino. Owners of these puppies had the opportunity to join us in the fields around Bedrule. Our friend June, processional huntingdog trainer, was so kind to have us at her house/property. We have to thank her for her enormous hospitality. Of course we also have to thank her for her help, advise and opinions. The young Ala D'Oro dogs, Andrea Branzi, Salia Morgana and Sergio Rossi did a great job, just as their owners did. Ala D'Oro can be proud again! Mia Carmen and her sister Coccinella di Ala D'Oro where there to help there family. We have already put the photo report on the webpage, click here>>>> June, Lisbeth, Jolanda, Catharina, Merel, Benthe and Janneke, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, it was great to work together! Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

22-05-2013 Back from Hungary, four Ala D'Oro dogs participated at the worldshow in Budapest. We have excellent results posted, click here for the page "Ala D'Oro results". It was a very successful trip, especially the fun company with which we were on the road and the accommodation was great. We are busy with the photo report of this 4 day trip, when it is done we put in on our page. Upcoming weeks it's just pressure, we are asked for different hunting demonstrations and go at the end of June with theoffspring of Mia Carmen X Caronte to Scotland to train these dogs amongh each other. Further we wait with no patience on the estrous cycle of our Bramare Bice. The dogs that we have picked out to breed with her has been x-rayed, the good results are on the way. Once she is ready for the mating we will contact all people on our waitinglist for the litter of Bramare to inform them further access. For now we have to be patient.Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

21-04-2013 Feels like the weeks fly by. Our day's are filled with all kind of activities. This made that we have neclected our webpage a bit. So time for an update. Next weekend we are invited by Eukanuba, they have asked us to give a hunting demonstration at a Dutch event. We already have given several hunting demonstrations at dog related associations in 2012. Our goal is achieved if we can make the people who come to see us excited so they themselves getting started with training and working their (hunting)dogs. We are convinced that a dog is happier when it can follow its instinct. In three weeks we go with Italian and Dutch friends to Hungary, Budapest. We participate in the World Championships 2013. In early June we go with the pups from the Mia Carmen X Caronte litter to Scotland, field practise. Upcoming week we have visiters from Denmark, next week visiters from Italy. Further, we hope to have soon news about the planned litter with Bramare Bice di Ala d'Oro. On picture Laura and Sebastiana, you see that Laura is missing a large portion of her tail. A chronic inflammation in the tail point made us decide to operate her despite her old age. It is fortunately well with Laura. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

23-03-2013 Puppies are ten weeks old. They all have their own photopage at our webpage. We already looking forward to all the photo's we will receive from the puppy owners! Last weeks we got many pictures of the children of Mia, of course you can look them up in our "Update photo" page. We will start the hunting training again, we are looking forward to that also. Now we only need some nice weather! This week Mariotto di Ala D'Oro was crowned with the title Best Fieldtrail dog 2012. Just like in 2011 St.Hubertus could not go around his results, with more then ten points difference it was Mariotto and Stephanie that took the trophy home. Super proud! Stephanie has promises to send a picture soon! Stephanie again congratulations from us, well done! Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

11-02-2013 Tomorrow the puppies are already four weeks old. Last week we have put some lovely pictures on the "Puppy News Page" , we invite you to follow the puppies daily. We have been getting good results back from the puppies of Mia Carmen di Ala D'Oro. Sweet Antonio Citterio di Ala D'Oro (Tony) who live in Italy has done well in the International dogshows, Andrea Branzi di Ala D'Oro (Sardo) is doing really well in his tracking classes and in the mean time Salia Morgana di Ala D'Oro who live in Scotland started to go with her owner June into the beautiful Scottish fields. We also got some sad news. "Rocco" Amarone di Ala D'Oro died. Rocco was eleven and a half year old. We wish Marianne and Henk all the strength they'll need in coping with their loss. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

21-01-2013Balda and Pipers puppies were born at the15th of January 2013. unfortunately one puppy did not make it. The other five puppies are alive and kicking! They grow like they should grow and we are very happy with them. Last week we have started the "Puppy News Page" like always when we have a litter. So now you can follow the puppies daily. Last weekend we informed all future owners, also all the once that have to wait for a puppy some more. We hope to have the next litter in the summer 2013. During the last weeks we received nice pictures from Ala D'Oro dog owners, click on update photo to take a look. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

06-01-2013Happy New Year! This is the moment to look back in 2012. Our kennel had a good year, we have done great at the dog shows. Our Fabrizio became Youth Champion, Balda, Mia and Sebastiana and Fabrizio received a lot of CAC's so in no time they will be National Champions. Of course we also had sad moments. Our old friends Pebles, Salvatore and Gucci died in 2012, they will be in our memory forever. This year field trails in Italy were again successful. Mia, Miuccia, Mariotto and Coccinella continued their great work. And our youngh dogs Fabrizio, Sebastiana Emiliana have surprised us with their work, all the dogs were reworded with high field trail qualifications. 2012 gave us a lovely litter from Mia Carmen and Caronte. We will try to make 2013 as good as 2012! Our 2013 litter is almost there, on photo the very pregnant Balda. Are you curious, then also follow us at our Ala D'Oro BLOG or our Facebook page

We wish you a happy and healthy 2013!

23-12-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

15-12-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

08-12-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

02-12-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

19-11-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

12-11-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

29-10-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's

18-10-2013 Ala D'Oro puppy's born

30-09-2013 Champion Fabrizio Bettino di Ala D'Oro

02-07-2013 Nevio Agostino di Ala D'Oro

02-07-2013 Nevio Agostino di Ala D'Oro

14-06-2013 Back from Scotland

22-05-2013 Back from Budapest

21-04-2013 Laura Biagiotti & Sebastiana Bruna di Ala D'Oro

23-03-2013 Mariotto di Ala D'Oro

11-02-2013 Puppies four weeks old

21-01-2013 Puppies are born (Piper & Balda) 15-01-2013

06-01-2013 Soon we have puppies from Piper & Balda

01-01-2013 Happy New Year

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