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.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens



Which genetic problems are familiar in the Bracco Italiano? Just like any other breed the Bracco Italiano is familiar with all kind of "genetic" problems. Some of this problems are at the most annoying and not at all life-threatening. How ever there are some problems who can serious harm the good health and welfare of the Bracchi.

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The Bracco Italiano and anestetic

Teeth abnormalities

Umbilical hernia

Bacterial and Steroid Responsive Meningitis

Crack or Twist Tail & Kidney Problems

Eye problems

Hipdysplasia and Elbowdysplasia

Stomach torsion


Enostosis /growingpain

A lot of this problems are not yet proved to be a genetic problem because there is not done genetic research (DNA) on the Bracchi but every right-minded person can understand, that when you see one particular problem in several dogs or even in several bloodlines, this could be a genetic problem. For you it is important to get information from your breeder(s), just ask about their experience he/she can tell you which problems exist in their bloodlines, ask the breeders if they have any problems and what they do to prevent outspreading these problems. Be aware that some breeders easy talk about their successes but even more easy forget to mention their disappointment's. Sincerity helps to banish these problems from our breed.



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