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.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens


Field work or trail

The Bracco Italiano an "Italian Pointer"

The Bracco Italiano is a dog who has bred over a period of 1500 years to work together with his owner. In the past and even still the (good) Italian breeders select their breeding material on working ability's, this is what has make the Bracchi a good and stable working dog.

When you take the dog to the field it will search with a high head, using his nose. When he got the game in the nose (feather game like pheasant) he will try to stop this bird to run, because of the high head the bird will lay down in hide and then the dog will point. The dog has to wait until the hunter is nearby to give the command to flush the bird so the hunter can shoot it. The dog has to sit still and only on the command of the hunter he can retrieve the bird who has shot. Al this is in the bloodline of most of the Bracchi, normaly you don't have to learn it to point. You have to learn to work together.

To keep the Bracco healthy and strong minded we recommend people to buy only a puppy from a breeder who thinks it is important to breed working dogs and who can also used as a pet dogs or show dog, not the other way around.

Our puppies start to get used by dead nd alive game when hey have the age of four weeks. This is important when you want to work or enter a field trail later on. A field trail is organized to imitate the natural hunt in competition. Al over Europe there are field trails organized by different working breed associations.

When you are interested to work with your Bracco it is of great important that you try to unfold the natural talents of your dog when he is still young.
The Bracco Italiano is a very nice dog with a soft character.

He will learn very quick and you have to use only your voice to reward or punish him.

Teaching will not be succeed when you want to learn him things by the hard way. This is something were you have to think about before you start with a Bracco. It is of great important to find a balance between reward and punish, when you have achieve this you have the perfect hunting dog and family dog. Warning: You can start very early to train the dog, but don't put no pressure on the dog.

Because we don't have special field trail training group in Holland, we decided to start our own trainings sessions for the owners who have a dog from the kennel di Ala D'Oro.

We come together and pay attention to normal behaviour-, Field trail- and All round hunting practice.

It is not only good to learn from each other but because we arrange this ourselves we have the opportunity to see our dogs on a regular basis.


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