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.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens


Breed History


The SABI (Societa Amatori del Bracco Italiano)

People say that this dog is one of the classic and ancient pointers, selected mainly in the northern regions of this peninsula. The breed has been present since the middle age and became widespread in the Renaissance period. It was held in very high regard by the nobility. In fact, feathered game hunting was an exclusive appanage of the aristocracy. It was bred by the Gonzaga and Medici families; the subjects born in those kennels were sought out by nobles and royal families.

This dog of ancient Italian origin used for bird hunting has modelled itself and developed over the ages; from the hunting of yesteryear by means of nets, he has adapted himself to the present hunting and shooting. Frescoes from the 14th century are proof of the indisputable timelessness of the Italian pointer over the centuries, whether either regarding his morphology or his aptitudes at hunting as a pointer. It is thought that the white-and-orange variety originated in Piedmont.

The white-and-brown in Lombardy. The white-and-orange variety from Piedmont was lighter in construction than the white-and-brown type from Lombardy. The white-orange dog from Piedmont was because of his lighter construction better to use in the mountains. The breeders has used those two types of dogs to make a combination, nowadays we have a uniform type of Italian pointer. 19 February 1949 we have the definitive standard, official egistrated by the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI). This standard allows the heavy type and the lighter type. In November 1949 the Italian Bracco Italiano association was born, the SABI (Sociata Amatori del Bracco Italiano). Most important goal off the SABI is to help his members to breed dogs who keep up the high quality, excellent off type and health, without loosing any off the hunting instinct.


Di Ala D'Oro - Muller & Steffens