.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens

Ala D'Oro in Poland


Once before we where in Poland with our dogs. It was then to visit the European Championship in Poznan. Now six years later we went to Poland, not to visit a show but to train with our dogs in the Poland fields. And not to Poznan but a small town near the border of Ukraine. Kim from Denmark , would accompany Jaap at this trip. They decided to travel in two day's, this because the amounts of kilometers they had to drive was to much for one day. The men would meet up in a hotel hundred kilometer past Berlin. From there Kim would travel together with Jaap, they still needed a whole day to reach the small town near the border of Ukraine. In the small town they had met a processional Italian trainer. The dogs would get there opportunity to find birds in Poland fields. In Poland, October, the Italian championship field trail are held, reasons for the prof's to get over there and train there dogs in these fields. Poland is a great country for pointing dogs, enough birds, only you have to know people who will help you to get access to fields. Lucky we had the opportunity to arrange something before we went up there. It was good to see that what we use as training is the same as what the prof's are doing, and that the behavior of the dogs are similar in the field. It was a good trip and by the look of it now we will go back in the future. This is what the Poland people expect us to do. Kim and Jaap where satisfy by the work of the dogs and had a great few day's.