.kennel di Ala D'Oro Bracco Italiano
.Jaap Muller & Tina Steffens

Let me introduce myself


I am Jaap Muller, I live
with my wife
Tina Steffens in a small village
named Zuidermeer, in the North-West
of the Netherlands

For many years we share
one passion
The Bracco Italiano


In daily life, my wife and I have fine jobs that make it possible to have this passion. The dogs are our "children", they live in our home for many years and are thus part of our family. We enjoy it to participate with our dogs in field trials and other working-test We also have the opportunity to use our dogs in our hunting practices in the Netherlands and we hunt in Italy and Scotland. We are longtime member of the Bracco Italiano Club of Italy (SABI) and each year we travel down to Italy several times to participate in the shows and field competitions that this club organizes. Over the years we have built up close friendships with Italian Bracco Italiano kennel owners. Through our visits to Italy, we remain aware of the breed specific issues. And we go out regularly with our dogs to take part in International dog shows all over Europe.

Our kennel name di Ala D'Oro (wing of gold) is derived from an Italian motorbike from the seventies, the "Earmacchi". Our kennel is officially registered with the Dutch Kennel Club (the Council of Administration in Cynology the Netherlands). Kennel di Ala D'Oro is known to many people around the world because of our successes on the field trails and in the show ring but also by our strong opinions about how to keep dogs and breeding methods. We believe that it is imperative to work with good Italian breeders, because they can draw on generations of xperience. We do our best to be responsible breeders by breeding only with dogs; that are healthy, who have hunting ability and who fulfill the breed standard. We avoid dogs with health problems and are not in favor of inbreeding and / or close line breeding.

Judicious breeding means to us that we have the intention to maintain or improve a race. To maintain or improve a race mean that we take care about health status, breed-specific characteristics and the appearance of a race

Ala D'Oro with passion & understanding of pointingdogs.
We breed only with dogs if they have a good health, meet the breed standard and we find it important that the dog that is bred, is also able to work as the Italian breed standard requires. A Bracco Italiano is a pointing dog. As the Italians say, "a working Bracco Italiano is as a beautiful Ferrari, a non working Bracco Italiano is a Fiat in Ferrari colors".

If our bitch would not qualify our demands it will not get puppies. Is everything okay then it depends on the condition and status of the offspring that we determine how often she will get a litter. Besides our own rules we also follow the rules like the Dutch Kennel Club, (the Council of Administration in Cynology of the Netherlands) has drawn down.

The choice of a male is also important. After all, for getting puppies you need two dogs. For dogs we choose for our females, we keep the same rules and demands.

How we do our best, it can be that a combination simply not turned out the way we expect it to be and most of the time this happen without any reason. We think it is then important never to make such a combination again and we inform the puppy owners about the problems that have or can arose. So that they are aware and if decisions have to be made they will be made based on facts. Together with our support we then hope to make the best decisions that help resolve any problems or problem to come. The decision that we are looking for will always in the interest of the dog.

You understand that as a responsible breeder, making the best combination, is not easy. We are pleased and relieved if we have a litter of which we can say afterwards that it has extracted good!

If you are seriously interested in a Bracco Italiano, please feel free to write us with your comments or questions. Of course you can meet us at one of the many show, field trails or workingtest we enter in Europe.